Friday, October 27, 2006

When the hat fits....

I'm often plopping a great big beanie on the first kid that just happens to wander too close to my desk for a quick photo for posting. It's starting to dawn on me that I should probably show you how these hats look like on people they actually fit!!! hehe
Here's the beanie that appeared a couple of postings ago...This time on me. Sheeeeshhh! I loved that beanie! So nice for the 'change of season'. (So hard to send off!) I promise I only wore it for a few seconds for the photo!
Regards, Ruth xxx
PS Late addition: This morning I received a lovely thank you card to the new owner of this beautiful hat ( Geeezzzz I loved that hat!) and it seems to have taken her under it's spell, also...She mentioned that she was actually a hat collector and that this beanie was "top of the lot!", (awwweee, shucks! hehe) and she'd like to meet me sometime! All the best, Karen, and thank you for your lovely card. Ruth xx
Hehe...look at us!! In the paper!! (thanks for scanning this up, Tye...I just pulled it out of your blog!)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

So enjoying my spinning....lovin' it!

The rhythmic breathing of my wheel....the quiet of night...the feel of the beautiful Merino rovings running through my fingers and the anticipation of the finished yarn. I've somehow journeyed back to the meditative aspect of my spinning. (hence my temporary absence from the computer...sorry) I've really enjoyed making these cute little hanks. I haven't recorded the how-to's of these guys...I needed just to relax and let 'em flow. And flow they did. It's lovely to think that the new owners of these hanks will have one-off individual yarns for their projects. Gotta love that!

These hanks will be among the stock that will be available at the Werribee Craft festival this weekend. I'm pretty excited (and nervous) as Sheepychic yarn hasn't been available at a craft festival's new ground. They will be alongside of Tye's beautiful range of MMD butterfly shawls and yarns which is a real honour for me. Tye has a few festivals under her belt now and to think shes happy for Sheepychic yarns to share her stall chuffs me up no end. ( See the link for MMD on my profiles...and while you're there be sure to pop into Carols Mosaicing the World web site and leave a comment. Tell her Ruth sent ya...hehe)

Also available will be some Sheepychic hand dyed Merino rovings. I often speak to people who have a dusty old wheel and an unused fleece stash so maybe I can tempt some spinners of old. It will be interesting to see how they go...but I must is so weird to dye some fleece and not spin it!...I won't see how they turn out!! (I may have to stalk them..hehe) Anyway...all the very best and if you're in the Werribee area call into the Market. It's big, busy and full of unique Christmas shopping ideas!! Oh...and bring us a COFFEE...hehe. Regards, Ruth. xxxx

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm baaaccckkkkkk!

No, I haven't run away and joined the peace corps...can't get rid of me that easily! I have had a few fibre projects on the go...but with school holidays and with P&D getting older I'm ready for bed time rather than blog time. Here is some yarn from the "My Town- Kyabram" range and is called Grace Woods. I was very happy as I have a hat order instead of a yarn order so I got to pretend I had bought it...taking the pretty label off...carefully undoing the binding threads...laying it out as an oval over my legs and then **Joy** rolling the yarn into a ball ready for knitting. This (for some strange reason...why, Tye, why?? ) is a really nice thing to do. The hat created itself nicely..I knitted it pattern free which I am doing more and more of lately. I did have a small directive of making it similar to my beanie made with some M.M.D. yarn posted some time ago. I love putting a real Spring twist to current beanies (still chilly on our morning walks, girls!) so I've featured a cute brim, the lightest of the light 14 micron 100% Merino white sheepychic yarn where I've spun in a little sparkle and a cheeky little ribbon which ties to a bow at the back. I nearly chose a gold ribbon...then some raffia...then headed for some purple. This is easily changed or removed as I've run it through a row of cluster stitch leaving a nice pattern either way.'s so deliciously soft and light. Hopefully the new owner will love it!!

Before I go I'll post a cute picture of our bush disco we had while camping recently. Soooo much fun! Sooooo much washing!!! Thanks so much, Carol for lending us your little slice of paradise for our holiday. Be sure to pop into Carol's space here... and check out her garden and mosiacs and don't forget to leave her a comment congratulating her for surviving a week of us lot hangin' about!

All the very best to you all and thanks for popping into Sheepychic Bloggings. Bye for now.

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