Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What in the Sheepychic have you been up to?

Sheepychic Demonstrations here and there at the moment... from Local Community centres to Historic homesteads. Demo's are great 'cos you tend to meet like minded people and sell a little yarn. I was surprised to meet a fibre enthusiast recently who lives just a street away from us. I'm just beginning to realise how insular having young children can be... people are asking if I go to this group or have been to that gallery. But no... with two stay-home 3 year olds I'm afraid the answer is no. (pictured: Sheepychic fun-batt I made for a spinning demo. ) On the flip-side, of course, being a stay home Mum is fantastic... especially as the twins are getting older. I like to involve them as much as I can when fussing about with fibre. Doesn't every 3 year old hang dripping yarn on a rack in the shower? Or sit handing Mum tufts of sparkle as she's spinning some yarn? hehe... not too many complaints here... :) We had a fun night when our old neighbours came over for dinner. Nicole was keen on a yarn in certain colours so we cracked a bottle of Merlot... and the dye pots. The older kids got into the swing of things and we all had a great time... even the Dads. Once again, though, as I sit and spin the results, B steals the show dying up this..... I love it. Sheepychic "Razzle-way" dyed by Sheepychic's apprentice, B. You rock, B... you've definitely got a flair for colour!! Razzle-way is for sale...and if sold, I promise. B will get her share!! hehe. I dyed up an ever popular Sheepychic "Wallaby Rose" single... which I do so enjoy to make. This hank pictured here is for sale.... $25. The varied blue hank is for sale too. It has shades of light and darker blues and purple... with intermittent tufts of amazing electric purple fibres. There is a small length of single at the end where my metallic silver plying thread ran out. I left it there... do with it what you will. hehe. It might be interesting to start a beanie cuff with that yarn and move to the ply. A bit of fun in any case. All the best, and thanks for logging in to sheepychic bloggings. If you love yarn and feeling like dropping me a line you can do so at sheepychic AT hotmail DOT com. Regards, Ruth xx

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sheepychic "Whroo" and Sheepychic "Johnnie"

A couple of on line sales and a couple of orders this week...makes Sheepychic a very happy fibre-gal indeed! And hats off to you guys, too! It's just great when knitters like yourselves are out there supporting small operators like Sheepychic.... $25 is a minute speck of dust to K-mart or Spotlight, but to create-at-home yarnies like myself it is just great! Thank-you soooo much!
For example, thanks to Suzie...and here is your Sheepychic "Whroo". I just know you're going to looovvee this! Plenty there for an amazing beanie!
And pictured here is another recent yarn... Sheepychic "Johnnie". It is 100% Aussie Merino, hand dyed, plied over with some pink metallic sari thread and embellished with pockets of silver angelina fibre. At over 100gms... there's plenty for a beanie or scarf. Available now for $25. Aus.
If you're popping into Sheepychic from the U.S. , Welcome!! I sent a beanie, double hank of yarn and some needles to L.A. recently and the postage was $16Aus. Surely worth considering buying some Aussie handspun, especially if a couple of friends order together! The exchange rate is in your favour too! ;)
Don't forget to check out Mandie's website at EGMTK's... see the links. Along with fibres, dyes and all things cool you can click in the "HANDSPUN" button where you can see some Sheepychic yarns for sale. Cool!!
hehe...sorry for the plug-a-rama posting. Sheepychic's gotta do what she's gotta do!!! All the very best, Ruth xxxx
orders and enquiries? go to sheepychic AT hotmail DOT com.

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