Sunday, April 22, 2007

Remember Wilson?

Okay...hands up who just loved that movie "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks about the guy who, stranded after a plane smash, befriended a blood stained / face imprinted volley ball (Which he named Wilson) Apparently this is quite a common human response called "Pareidolia". I learnt this after googling "Things that look like stuff". (I love it when you learn something!!!) Check out some of the very weird pictures at
We had a huuugge case of pareidolia here at home this weekend....M decided to cook a cake with Mum, and we were both stunned when the cake come out of the oven....looking amazingly human!! ( I reckon it actually looks like M) We didn't prick it, or shape it in any way at all. M just poured in the batter as usual and out came Cakie. Of course, we couldn't eat Cakie. We all came to love Cakie. He lived in the fridge..hehe.
Can you even imagine the furore on Sunday morning when our resident "okay I'll get myself some breakfast before you all get up" kinda three year old gal was found rocking happily in the rocker, watching Teletubbies with a decimated Cakie on her lap. OOOMMMGGGG.......(don't even say the word crumbs.) Cakie was not so fresh by this stage....even the dog wouldn't partake.
M was good about it. I did acknowledge that being a big brother of twins was not easy. I did agree to cook another cake. I do miss Cakie.... Poor fella. R.I.P.
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. I've been so busy on the yarn front. The whole wall of our lounge room is handdyed rovings ready for spinning. I'll post pictures shortly.
Bye for now, Ruth...xx

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sheepychic "Terra Rosa"

That's settled. Natural chocolate - coloured fleece goes with just about everything!! Hehe! After the joy of spinning "Terra Aquarius", a sheepychic chocolate Corridale with the blue and silver Merino/silk blend batt, I just couldn't resist to dabble further....please check out "Terra Rosa". For Terra Rosa I've used the same base of the natural Choc coloured fleece, but this time blended it with a varied soft pink Merino Roving. With just a sprinkle of twinkle...I'm sure this is going to be lovely to spin up!
It's sooo nice and soft...hehe! The kids

were all having a cuddle of the batt and ol' Sheepychic here's going..."ahhhh!!! Don't squash her!! Keep her fluffy!!!!" hehe....

Anyway...all the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Catch you all soon. Don't forget, any enquiries can be sent through to sheepychicAThotmailDOTcom. (you know... stick in those @'s and .'s)

Kindest Regards, Ruth...xox

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sheepychic "Terra Aquarius"

I was gazing at my very busy drying rack and it struck me. That weird little hank of Dark brown Merino from Sheepychic's Hippy range goes with everything. I couldn't believe my eyes...I mean.. we're all so clever with our dying and colour combinations...but it stunned me that Mother Nature's own coloured fleeces seem to go with..well....everything!! It was hangin' the centre, between a pinkish kool aid dyed 14 micron Merino...(matched it beautifully!) some oranges, some blues, some violets...Matched, matched matched!!
Got me digging out some coloured fleeces, of course,..hehe...I've pulled out a Natural Chocolate Corridale...and also a bag of E.G.M.T.K's divine Merino/Silk silvers and blues. (Mandie, if you're reading can you leave the name of this blend in the comments..ta) I've got a "thing" for blues and browns at the moment. Using my ol' carder, I ran the Chocolate Corridale and the Blue and silver Merino Blend into two beautifully 'merged, but not stirred' batts, rolled them up into rollags and spun from the was really fun..but a challenge to keep neat. I do go for that rustic look (thank goodness) which worked well. The silk still manages a twinkle here and there in amongst the corridale. I plied the lot over with a neat little blue and silver metallic thread. The result? Sheepychic "Terra Aquarius".
For some reason it was hard to grab a photo which did justice to this yarn. It's so unusual..and just so beautiful.
All the best from Sheepychic bloggings, and thanks for popping in. I'm at the wheel a lot lately so I'm sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to keep you updated on what's available soon.
Regards, Ruth...xoxo

Monday, April 02, 2007

The things you find....

I'm having a bit of a fleece stash "reassessment" with some lost treasures re-discovered and the occasional 'mmm...I'm never going to spin that' moment. One baggie that grabbed my attention is a bag of dyed Mohair that Tye ditched many moons ago. It is shocking, felted, tangled, snared. But it is a collection of the most beautiful colours. We were going to donate it to a school for the kids to play around with (which I still may do) but I put it into the stash cupboard until I had time to have a good look at it. In the meantime, of course, more stash was incoming...and as they say, outa sight, outa mind. When the bag re-surfaced I was so taken by the colour that I pulled out the ol' drum carder and ran a little through. I had to pick it over a little, and toss tiny pieces in while M cranked...but little by little we made a beautiful Mohair batt.
I ran with it straight to the ol' Ashford traditional...(was like a scene outa E.R.) and pumped some life into it. Batt making can be a little heart breaking, though...can you believe that great big batt only managed a (albeit soft and stunning) two-thirds grown ball of yarn!
When all said and done...M and I shared a nice chat while working...we made something out of fleece which Tye and I thought was unusable and finished up with a really nice yarn to use. How cool is that!! (Of course, I now owe M a game of cricket in the back yard!!) Tye...I promise thee...I great big batt of your Mohair! hehe....
Just to finish up, an update picture of the Spookie Batt I made a couple of postings ago with the black Alpaca, hand dyed Merino and gold fibre...It was fun to spin, fun to knit and (when I make some more to finish up this witchie beanie) hopefully it'll be fun to wear! hehe...
All the very best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Any sheepychic enquiries please feel free to email an Comments left are so appreciated...pop in and say g'day!
Bye for now, Ruth. xxx

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