Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sheepychic will return as soon as possible!!!

Oh dear....our computer has totally blown up! I'm not talking about..."Goodness...there seems to be something wrong with the P.C. " I'm talking about KAABBOOOOOOOMMMM blow up. It's off to the shop...with a note attached "BE CAREFUL" In the meantime...hang in there...Sheepychic will be back as soon as I can. Believe me. I'm missing you guys just as much as you're all missing me. (you are, aren't you?!?!?! hehe) Enquiries can still be fowarded to I will check emails as often as I can. Ruth.... xoxoxox

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wonder where you guys end up......

These Sheepychic hanks pictured are enjoying their new home in retail land...(This lot is with Christine at "Stitch This"- Kyabram, in Northen Australia) If you've purchased one of these yarns and you recognise yours feel free (pppllllleeeeeeaaaassseeeee!) to drop in a comment and say hello! Each Sheepychic hank is a one-off. I often wonder what projects these hanks finish up in and where they are...a bit like a message in a bottle, or a lost helium balloon!!
Sheepychic hanks are great for one hank a scarf or a beanie. If you want two or three hanks the same, I can do that...but they need to be pre-ordered as I would need to dye each lot, split them into thirds (or whatever) and spin them off from there, making three very similar hanks. I have limited my patterns a little this year. (I am juggling toooo many apples at the moment and just have to put a couple down softly for a little while, so as not to drop any) I do have a couple of scarf patterns suiting both my chunky single yarns and my lighter weighted plied yarns...I can pop either of those in with purchased yarn. (or to anybody...feel free to email) I also have a nice Brimmed Beanie pattern to try, also...suiting my chunky singles. Sheepychic handspun would be divine in any pattern, though....and if you find you'd like a complementing yarn for a contrast colour in a scarf or a stripe in a beanie I can spin something for you.
I have been having a dabble around lately, creating some interesting effects by carding some hand dyed Merino rovings to blend it with some "Firestar" glitz fibre (stocked by Mandie...aka : Ewe-give-me-the-knits. You can find Mandie's link on my blog) The carder really altered the way the colours appeared. They were so much more subtle than what I would have expected. The Firestar gave shimmer, rather than's really nice. I still have this hank here with me...but I'll only have it until the end of the week. This is "Sheepychic- Fire stone" It's $25, and I'll pop it into the post for free...Australia only, though!! hehe
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. It's been a lovely couple of drizzly days this really do have to wonder about that Rainbow serpent cloud. hehe... Can you believe our family has joined the Cloud Appreciation Society. Now the kids are cloud gazing like crazy...I'm spending the day saying "yeah..yeah...I can see that....." (not)

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