Friday, June 30, 2006

First there was we have "Woolstock"

Sheepychic "Woolstock" yarns are made for the hippies among us....hehe and the hippy in us all. I've drawn inspiration from the hippy era, 60's music... naturalism...flower power...Mamas and the Papas...the list goes on. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and enjoy some little lovin...and some Sheepychic Woolstock Yarns.

This Chocolate Brown Corridale Woolstock Slubby looks seriously similar to this guys dread locks. hehe...I bet my Slubby smells a heap better. (even before scouring!!) Can you believe there is an identical amount of fleece in those two Corridale hanks?! The bottom fleece is plied back on itself. I've even left the odd prickle 'cos to the vibe, mannnnnn. Yeahhhhhhh..

Speaking of vibe...I guess hemp and marijuana use was a big part of the hippy scene...but not for making yarn...hehe

This photo here (looks like a close up of Lucille Ball's hair-do...) is actually my stash of raw industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is a strain of cannabis valued in times past for it's strength and usefulness. Note the old picture of an Industrial hemp farm.

I am slowly working on blending hemp fibres and Merino to create the coooolest Hippy yarns ever! I am sooo interested in how these fibres will take up dyes and run through the wheel. Its a Sheepychic 'Woolstock Yarn' work in progress...but right now I'm off to meditate..and to paint the Family Wagon like that hippy bus! (and that's all I'm doing...I promise!)

All the very very best to you all...thanks for popping into

Sheepychic bloggings.

Bye for now, Ruth.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

'Mystery Lake'....A My Town Yarn. (Kyabram)

He haven't changed a bit. Still easily amazed. I rarely, rarely go up to the country these days, (or the 'crunchy' as my boy puts it - too cute to correct!) but when I do go I enjoy showing the children some of the things we all got up to when we were kids. One of Mum's old yarns still brings a smile. Especially as a mother myself. She could make anything exciting. For example....the "Mystery Lake". ohhhhhhhhh (hushed amazement from all-believing children). "Its a mystery 'cos nobody knows where the water comes from...and nobody knows where it goes" ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. hehe Would you believe I found the "Mystery Lake" on a recent return visit...and managed to (suck in) intrigue my own little the (swampy bog) mystical, magical Mystery Lake. Which is all a ridiculously long winded introduction to a recent "My Town" yarn which I'ld like to show you. It's from the Kyabram Range and obviously it's called the "Mystery Lake".

Spun here in two ways....a solid slubby style and also a blend with white rovings, plied through with beading and Japanese gold metallic thread..

Here, in the centre, all knitted up as a Sheepychic in the loving ownership of Carol. (That's the Carol with the toasty ears.)

A close up of a knitted swatch. I love this...I'm wondering how a jumper would look like...phew!...big job, though!

All the best..and thankyou for logging into Sheepychic. Keep an eye out because the fabulous new Sheepychic kits for scarves and beanies will sooooon be available! Bye for now...Ruth xx.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Blokes like handspun too!

Howdy's soooo cold, isn't it! brrrrrrrrrrr..hehe knitting beanie weather, to be sure! I am doing this quick posting on men's hats as I received the cutest customer feedback via Christine at "Stitch This" in Allen Street, Kyabram. Hehe...and I have to agree....Almost all Sheepychic yarns are really "girlie" about a few more for Guys hats....? Sheepychic "Rustic" yarns are perfect for guys hats for some reason. Of course "rustics" look great on everybody...but they really lend themselves to men/boys hats. Sheepychic Rustics have no dyes used...all of the colour is the natural varied colours of the animal fleeces themselves... Come to think of it....animals are put together pretty nicely. I never really see an animal with a colour scheme that clashes or looks wrong, do you....? These cute little guys are alpacas, of course, and I am lucky enough to have their four fleeces here with me...available to spin. I've used this little photo in a previous posting. (you'll have to look in the archives one day...grab a cuppa) Their colours are breath taking! Here is an example of a Sheepychic Blokes beanie which I knitted up for my Darlin' is a mixture of Brown Merino, Chocolate Corridale, a Sheepychic 'varied black' dyed Merino with tiny black beads spun through and a highlight yarn which is the white Merino plied through with all four little alpacas randomly. A similar beanie...but with a little more of the beautiful Merino / Alpaca plied high light yarn. This hat is available for sale at 'Stitch This'..(lucky Kyabram..hehe) Oh...and don't worry guys. I have it on a blokes authority the the Sheepychic labels are waaaayyyyy too girly. I can offer you a new mens label. It's just the same, but has 'Mr. sheep E. Sheik'....(You'll be safe!) hehe All the best, everybody, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic. Remember..I have the comments area made so that anybody can leave a little comment. So...say'll make my day! Especially if you're the guy who wants some blokey yarn...we're alllll coming to your place for a bbq!! hehe Regards, Ruth...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Back to Yarn....

A lovely weekend at home. The children have been playing relatively nicely...washine machine humming, mower mowing, swings swinging, stir fry stirring...and frying...hehe I wanna get back to basics...back to what we alllllllllll love...yarn. The Multi coloured yarn pictured is Sheepychic "Gollans garden", from Sheepychic "my town" range. Mrs Gollan and our Mum were really good friends. Mr. Gollan had an amazing garden with dancing birds, beautiful flowers and also interesting things like peanuts and popcorn which he popped for us in an old fruit can in the shed. obviously had an impact on me. Mrs. Gollan spoke once about how she and mum used to sit and chat for hours on the porch while the children played around them. It kinda' shocked me a little 'cos that is exactly what Tye and I have done a lot of. I guess it's too easy to let time sweep over and forget that your own mum was once a young mum like we are now. Of course, sadly...Mum has passed away. I often draw on her examples now as I parent my own little ones. Hopefully I am doing her proud.

This pinkie purplie yarn is my Sheepychic"Grace Woods" yarn. Grace Woods was my gran and she would have liked these colours.

He he...check out the two rascals. I had to go out to feed the chook in our backyard, but it was soooo cold I couldn't bare to take off my big fluffy slippers. With the lawn being damp I popped two fruit bags over my spippers to protect them...of course this sounds quick and easy...but NOTHING at our house is quick and easy!! Thankfully the effort was worth it, as the bags provided an hour of fun (peace for Mum) with a scrunch, scrunch, scrunch sound proving to be rather amusing if you're two.

This photo reminds me that I'm a bit 'behind' in my spinning. Double that!! Thanks for popping into Sheepychic...bye for now. Ruth xx

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some new yarns made especially for Kyabram!

Hello to all the Kyabram and District yarnies out there who seem to be really wrapping themselves in a little Sheepychic!!

Thanks to Christine of 'Stitch This' in Allen Street Kyabram...Heaps of Sheepychic yarns in the hands and hopefully on the needles of wonderful Ky knitters.. I've been so busy...dying, plying..getting together another big parcel of yarns destined for Stitch This. I love a bit of I sat down with pen and paper and brainstormed the first things that sprung into my head about the colours and textures of Kyabram and the surrounding districts. Having grown up in Merrigum, a town not too far from wasn't hard. My Grandparents lived in Kyabram and eventually so did my Mum, so I had plenty ideas to draw from.

(this picture is of the very beautiful 'Grace Woods' rovings from the Sheepychic 'My Town' range)

I came to thinking...wouldn't it be really cool to have a yarn range made and designed with each local area in mind??? Imagine browsing through handspun yarns in your local yarn store or gift shop inspired by your tree lined avenues or local landmarks. I love this's a long, long way from acrylic mass produced stuff imported for sale in those huge craft shops!

May I introduce da-da-da-dahhhhhhhh................... Sheepychic "My Town" yarns!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Kath in the Hat...

Friends are friends be they nearby or far away. I used to see a lot of my galpal Kathie but sadly 'n' gladly she has found love (the gladly bit) but it was oh soooooo far the sadly bit. It 's great to know she's still thinkin' of me though...she knows a lady with a pet white alpaca and Hooray!! Kathie sent down a whole alpaca fleece! When I saw the huge parcel by my front door a couple of thoughts sprang instantly to mind. The first: "Oh My God...I've bought something off eBay and have no recollection of it." hehe! This is a true story. Second thought..."Oh wow...this bag is huge!!!" Third thought..."Thank god for my ol' carding Machine". I am really keen to lightly rinse out a batch and run it through ol' spikey...I've never carded Alpaca before. I little while ago Kathie and I planned out a beanie...because it's so damn cold in Northen NSW. hehe. Kathie was really keen on pink or purple...but assured me that she would be happy with any of the ol' sheepychic. Thank goodness for that because I have done a lot of pinks and purple lately and I need to scream to the world.."Other colours can be cool tooooooooo!!!!!!!!!."'s fair to say there's a fair bit of purple and a twink of pink in among the metallic Purple thread I used to ply with. I also used a dusky sort of rainbow hank I had in my yarn stash. I knitted that through with some extreme goldie omgliness spun through with the white Merino. It is FULL ON. I hope not toooo full on!! I used some Chrissy deco that I first spun through Merino on my second only posting...peep in my archives (Jan). Kathie..if you want to give it a quick trim down with some scissors I will TOTALLY is very, very stickie outie, I know. Well I have stacks of cool photos...but for 3 nights running Blogger won't let me load them..oh well. Thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings, Bye for now..Ruthxx

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