Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some new yarns made especially for Kyabram!

Hello to all the Kyabram and District yarnies out there who seem to be really wrapping themselves in a little Sheepychic!!

Thanks to Christine of 'Stitch This' in Allen Street Kyabram...Heaps of Sheepychic yarns in the hands and hopefully on the needles of wonderful Ky knitters.. I've been so busy...dying, plying..getting together another big parcel of yarns destined for Stitch This. I love a bit of I sat down with pen and paper and brainstormed the first things that sprung into my head about the colours and textures of Kyabram and the surrounding districts. Having grown up in Merrigum, a town not too far from wasn't hard. My Grandparents lived in Kyabram and eventually so did my Mum, so I had plenty ideas to draw from.

(this picture is of the very beautiful 'Grace Woods' rovings from the Sheepychic 'My Town' range)

I came to thinking...wouldn't it be really cool to have a yarn range made and designed with each local area in mind??? Imagine browsing through handspun yarns in your local yarn store or gift shop inspired by your tree lined avenues or local landmarks. I love this's a long, long way from acrylic mass produced stuff imported for sale in those huge craft shops!

May I introduce da-da-da-dahhhhhhhh................... Sheepychic "My Town" yarns!

Stay tuned!


roseys madhouse said...

love them darl and its a great idea naming them after the area
qvfnr.....quirky,vivacious,funny,neverboring RUTH

kerry said...

Good luck Ruth with selling your wool in Kyabram...keep us up to date!!

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

marketing genius darl!xxxx

Ruth.... said...! sheeeeshhh! I'll leave marketing to the big guys, I think. Me?...I have a real soft spot for the ol' home town area and I've loved the inspiration that "My town" brought to my yarns. Take the rovings pictured for example...I used my grandma's (Grace Woods) favourite colours. Gran was a much loved resident of Ky...I can't wait to post some more of Ky's "My Town" yarns.

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