Sunday, April 30, 2006

Faery Dawn beanie...

Winners are grinners....and boy o boy! I'm grinning! This beautiful hank of wool is one of Tye's, which I won in Tyes funny comment competion...ya gotta tell us, though Tye...what was Jo really looking at????? Looking at my Merry Munchkin Designs 'Faery Dawn' hank in my hands I was knit or not to knit. It was soooo beautiful just as is. Well...I gathered up all of my courage...snipped the bindings and rolled poor Faery Dawn into a ball.

I also spun off a really nice white slubby 80 gm hank...sho shoft!

I winged this sprung forth. hehe. Tye tells me I should write things down..and I should! I really should! But there is something really nice about just going blah!! knit knit knit.....and it always seems to come together! hehe..the best part about it is that you know you have a funky one off!

Take a close look at that Faery Dawn yarn...see the gold stickie outie bits!...

All the very best for those logging in! If you want a wonderful one-off hat and if you want to have a little Sheepychic of you own just let me know. All the very best, Ruth xx.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Roger that, Houston....we have Rushworth Slubby!

First came the Rushworth...then Rushworth Snowey. Third of all was a extremely fine Rushy plied back on itself. That's gotta be it, doesn't it??? Nope. Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...check out Rushworth Slubby!!! A Slubby, or bulky style yarn is a proud addition to the Sheepychic and the Merry Munchkin Designs Stables. I don't think it is the thoroughbred, though...more like the High country Brumby. (Damn hard to work out and control...but once you's the most amazing and beautiful horse at the track.) The colours in this hank are mesmorising me...I am staring at the screen getting all misty eyed. hehe ..It's georgeous!!(lol...well...I am kind of tired!) Anyway..thanks for logging in...Ruth xx

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rainbow 'n' Snow

Melbourne enjoyed the most amazing rainbow the other day....we actually stopped the car to look at it. It was raining heavily to the right of us and the sun was shining brightly to the left... bringing life to an enormous, perfect rainbow. You could see every single colour (the kids thought I was making up Indigo) and the colour went right down to the ground...even I was tempted to try and chase it!! hehe Speaking of chases, I'll cut to the chase about this's got some rainbowin' going on. I have been scratching my head trying to come up with some extremely cool yarn for a hat for B.R.K....something really colourful. Something really, REALLY colourful! Check this out! I've named it....Rainbow 'n' Snow. I've used 4 different varied sheepychic rovings....blues, yellows, pinks and greens (hehe I don't know where the orange and purple comes from!) spun sections of them in order and then plied them through with white merino. It's all 100 % Merino. I've also run some gold metallic thread through it as well. I've had a few other things on the boil, too. Just a peek, today...I'm on the hop!! Bye for now...and thanks for popping into Sheepychic! Ruth xx P.S. Here is some Rushworth plied back on itself and some gold is insanely fine and took an insane amount of time to spin...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sheepychic beanie...

There's nothin' worse than a cute funkie beanie that a) falls off...b) slips down over your eyes...c) doesn't keep your ears warm...if you want it to...d) looks like your Grannie's tea cosie..e) all of the above. I know a beautiful little girl who has none of these problems (I hope!!) because she is the owner of an original Sheepychic beanie...lets take a look! I was aiming for a really snuggy, chunkie band....a roomy floppyish top and I also wanted the inside of the band to be the "right side" so the cuff can be rolled and still hehe. In this picture you can see a small ball of Rushworth Snowy and the Rushworth which is still on the bobbin. I knitted this beanie straight off the lazy kate....then plunged the whole hat as soon as I had finished it into cold water to set the twist. I know...I know...I break every rule in the book. That light brown yarn is a factory yarn I used as a filler...there is one rule that mustn't be broken! Thou shalt not conceal any Sheepychic handspun yarn. hehe (Amen) This is what Rushworth Snowy looks like all knitted up... A Sheepychic beanie..all complete. This pattern is a fairly yarn thirsty pattern, with the large cushie cuff, but its worth it. Out of the $25 Rushworth hank (80gms) there remains 50gms of yarn left. Do take into account the snowy band, though, and the fact that this is a kids hat! A couple of embroidered dasies from eBay (see how you can get them from the previous posting on Cloes hat) and a Sheepychic Label which I will pop in with any hank if asked and viola!! A very neat hat...for a very special God Daughter!! kisses and cuddles to you, Sweetheart. hehe...I love the way that the gold metallic thread through the Rushworth yarn picks up the can even see it twinkle in this photo...awwww ...what a cutie!! Thanks for popping into Sheepychic Bloggings...feel free to contact me for details on how to get your own Sheepychic yarn! All the very best, Ruth. xx

Saturday, April 08, 2006

What?!?! Rushworth!?!?!?

Greetings All! I've been enjoying stacks of great feedback about the Rushworth is beautiful. Strangely all the fuss got me wondering if I could tweek it a little. And tweek it I did!!! It all started here...I've run it really finely through the wheel. That's my pinkie finger, so you can see how fine the yarn is. Is it lace weight? I'm not sure but it took me ages and ages and ages to spin!! I spun some white Merino at the same weight...plied them through and da da da daaaaaaa....we have snow in Rushworth!! Wow...I love this hank. Can you imagine the coolest surfie chic style beenie in this?? Of course I just had to tinker about with my new toy...hehe Check these out! This Blue Snowy ranges right through from light, light blue, darker blues and on to purple. Oh so cute! Safe to say it works in Blue... hehe! Remember that varigated green hank a few posts ago??...Well the Sheepychic snowy trick worked well too!...da da da daaaaaaa Green snowy! (oh so showy) hehe

Here they are...all dressed up with no place to go. Hanks available for purchase. Thanks for popping in to Sheepychic bloggings....bye for now!....Ruth xx

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