Friday, April 18, 2008

A mouse tail. A poem by Ruth.

Poor little Rosie - with ya lump on your side,
'tis as long as yer head, an' double as wide.
Sittin' in yer bowl, chewin' a chip an' a nut,
sittin' there pretty, 'spite a sick looken' gut.
Pretty, I guess, for a tatty ol' mouse,
a retired kids pet in ya posh little house.
Ya wheel's all squeeky, Rosie, I'm sorry 'bout that,
and sorry 'bout the night you were left locked with the cat.
The kids loved you dearly, I can tell you this Rose.
Don't know if you loved 'em much back, I suppose...
what with lego mazes and those damn trips to school,
don't worry, Rosie... we have a new rule.
"Sit quietly! Speak gently! Give her some peace!"
No more holding, no pockets... it all has to cease.
Our dear Rosie is old, she's some to her last.
Her busy pet duties have all come to past.
Ahhhhh, Rosie, isn't it lovely 'n' quiet?
Studio's a wonderful place late at night...
what with me an' my wool dyes 'n' my Merino fleeces
and you with your ladder and rice cracker pieces.
I notice you scurry and hide no more,
when I check your water and open your door...
A simple fondness, our quiet company...
we've a kind of kinship, Rose, haven't we...
I'm watching you now sitting so weary 'n' old,
I want to say something that each pet should be told...
Thank you.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The most amazing Christmas picture....

You know how sometimes somebody says something to you....and it kind of sticks with and you find yourself thinking about it vacantly?
Well....A while ago my Sister in law, A, and I were having a chat and she mentioned that she'd seen on telly Alison duBois (Medium) who was explaining that dearly loved family who had passed on often get frustrated as they send little messages...only finding that the living either miss them completely... or tell themselves to stop being silly. (Is that the gist of it, A? )
It was a strange conversation to have, in a way.... people who know me well know that I'm pretty straight laced about all this mystical stuff. I just don't know a lot about it, and never been compelled to learn.
Having said that here is a picture that has been sitting here with me that was drawn by my young son just before Christmas. Leading up to this drawing, D had only scribbled occasionally. He's not really into it. A few eye-dots here and there... punching holes in the paper with a pencil....typical 3 year old art.
Then this....
Paper and pencils are always on hand for the kids... but sadly no more pictures from D.
Could I possibly dare to even imagine this could be a Christmas card from heaven?
*** :D ***
2008! Who can believe it. I remember sitting in school working out how old I would be in the year 2000! sheeeeesh! Looking forward to it though.... should be a great year. Happy new year to all who log in... (well... to everyone, really!) May this year be full of happiness and love.
All the best, Ruth... xx

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