Monday, February 26, 2007's been hot!

Hot weather doesn't really lend itself to knitting......NOT. hehe...I'm sitting by the cooler, the blinds are drawn against the hot sun, kids are watching a movie and I'm sitting here (ice water at the ready) knitting some fun and funky stubby holders. (And if another kid asks me to make some more ground ice I'm gonna have to deck 'em)
I've also been knitting up some cute head bands. The yarns I've used for the headbands is a beautiful Sheepychic rainbow dyed single. I'll be putting a few headbands similar to these into Sheepychic visit there if you'd like one. They're $12. + postage. The ones pictured here are all off to their new owners this afternoon!!

And for a little Sheepychic update: The "Wallaby Rose" spun up beautifully. I'm soooo happy with her...I haven't loved a yarn this much for ages. It's actually listed on eBay at the can check it out at under CRAFTS - hand spun yarn. If you'd like a hank of Wallaby Rose or Wallaby Rose rovings but don't want to go through eBay let me know as I'm sure I can re-create her very closely.

Before I go just one teenie tiny update on Sharnas orphan babies...all made it...(this is embarrassing) and ready for their new homes. Funnily enough they are all bob-tailed except for two. The black and white one is staying home here with Daisy Duke...hehe.

Thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. All the very best, Ruth...xoxox

Friday, February 23, 2007

A handful of Sheepychic rovings...

One of the best fibre art tips I've ever received (from the ever inspirational Tye, of course,) and one which often comes to mind is to keep a little mental note of new season's colours appearing in fashionista shop's fun. I loved these colour combinations....and was inspired to create....Sheepychic "Wallaby Rose" and Sheepychic "Kingfisher". Both Merino rovings are still available for sale. They weigh just over 100gms. Yours for $12 Aus/or spun as you like for $22.Aus. The postage within Australia would be about $4. Those of you who are regular visitors to Sheepychic will know I often go towards some Gothic colours, too...for my witchie hats. I'm going to sprinkle this over with silver sparkle...It's called "Dark Opal". I think the older girls will love a hat or scarf in this yarn. I'll leave it available for sale for a couple of weeks, so if you'ld like better snap it up. Again, it costs $22 Aus. (Dark opal no longer available...similar rovings available shortly) Of course I needed a colour fix after all that...hehe....check out "Schmooze" (pictured: Sheepychic "Schmooze" rovings. 100gms. Still available...$12 or spun to order for $22) (Shmooze is no longer available...similar rovings posted soon... If you're keen to purchase one of these rovings please leave a comment indicating which one is on hold for you and email me at I am so keen to establish my tiny sheepychic shop but as soon as I sit to do it I have about 3 bottoms plonk themselves on my lap wanting to play Bananas in Pajamas....oh the joys. (I figure I better play it while I can...they're all growing so quick!!) Thanks for your emails....and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. All the very best, Ruth....xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Knotty and gnarly...

Knotty and gnarly...I'm aiming for something wild, colourful and primitive. This is some of my hand dyed rovings, which I've spun to a medium to thick single, leaving a few coils, chunks and blobs....then I have subjected them to all manner of fibre no-no's and abuse. They have be spun around my head, pummelled, plunged, banged, berated, agitated...I think you get the picture. hehe! The result? Something crossed between Mad Max and Martha.
Here is a little update on Sheepychic "wizz-bang" and how it looks spun up to a fun single...I'm holding onto this and knitting it with some white into some Sheepychic stubbie holders / water bottle sleeves. I've had an order for a bottle sleeve with a shoulder strap for walking....I'll keep you posted. I'll figure out the pattern and post my progress. I'll knit up a couple for sale.
Here is a picture of a Sheepychic stubbie holder (it is just here with a glass well too...) which I knitted up for a gal-pal Mandie. They are available for $'ll have to email me to place an order at until Sheepychic shop is open.
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Regards, Ruth...xoxox
On a little sad end note can you believe we are carefully rearing 6 little 3.5 week old pet mice...Sharna moved to the big mouse house in the sky on that terrible hot day we had recently. She was very old for a mouse but we are all so sad...and sad for her babies. I don't know if they'll be okay but B and I are trying our best to help them. We are feeding them crushed up oats and dipping their tiny front paws in milk every hour or two. They all sit there licking off their paws....I don't know what else to do....but they all seem well. It is amazing how a little mouse can take a little place in your heart.... Sharna charmed me so.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sheepychic's apprentice....

There's a hank of wool hanging on the drying rack that I just keep going to just to feel it, snuggle it and admire it. The funny thing is...I didn't spin it! I still can't believe it. It is the first hank spun by my little apprentice, B. (Almost 8) She is a bit of a fibre gal, unprompted, who often slinks off to school with a few hanks in her bag for show 'n' tell. She's asked occasionally to spin, and I've had her sitting and treadling...telling her she'll have to wait until she's 8. (I was kinda hoping she'd forget...hehe) It was time. We had some Merino x rovings which we dyed on the holidays which spins up so easily it nearly spins itself. We divided it up into long slivers so she didn't have to draft it so much, but concentrate on controlling the twist with the pressure of her thumb and fore fingers. I've used this method to teach a couple of people to spin...and I swear it works well. I'll slowly introduce her to using her other hand more as she improves over time. Then she selected a nice little commercial fancy yarn to ply with....(omg....I had plans for that)
She spun it all, she plied it all...and it ended up gorgeous, with that primitive ruggedness that is so hard to do when you've been spinning for ages. hehe. Unbelievable.
A windy yucky day today saw us change Sunday plans from the zoo to the museum. The kids enjoyed it, as did I....the "Melbourne history display" area is such a high light for me. Of course we couldn't do anything peacefully until M had seen the dinosaurs. hehe.
Once we needed to ditch the pram, have a drink and a run about, the children's area is a GOD send.
Well...that's enough from me...thanks so much for popping into Sheepychic bloggings. Any yarn enquiries can come on down to I'm looking for a couple more outlets this season coming up so if you know a yarn store or funkywares type store which may be interested point them this way, won't you. hehe...thanks.
Bye for now, Ruth....xx

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sheepychic happenings....

A quick update on a few Sheepychic happenings...I've spun up "Sheepychic - Lillybet" into a funky rustic single...about an 8 ply...
Remember my old carder? I pulled her out and ran through some Rose alpaca..THANKY to Holly at Hollyeeq for the fleece cleaning tips...I got on much better this time, thanks Holly. I ran some of Mandie's divine red Merino rovings in among the alpaca..made for a very rustic and cool batt. I want to spin it up in a real primative style long as it doesn't break... I want it fuzzy and lumpy and chunky and weird and feral. get my drift. Due to current drought conditions I've used the bath to soak the alpaca to try to use less water. Poor M ran out of the bathroom asking what was in the bath..."Alpaca" I replied. "When did it die"?!?! asked the very concerned M...hehe...poor little guy!
I've also spun up some light predyed Merino rovings...also from Mandie (see eBay..."ewe-give-me-the-knits")
Hmmm...what else? Oh yeah...A little more fabulous gothic-style chunkie yarns for my Witchie's coming up Autumn soon, you know...hehe. This one is a black alpaca with a commercial purple/pink/bally/shiney yarn. It goes together so well! I'm thinking a beanie cuff...with the top a nice jet black...flowing to a witchie point, like the one P has on near my profile.
Anyway..I have to dash...thanks for popping into Sheepychic bloggings. Any yarn enquires can be forwarded on to All the very best, Ruth....xx

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A wonderful afternoon splashin' some dyes about...

What can you say about a dye splash about that can't totally be said better by showing some photos. I dyed. I had fun. The crock pot was rockin' and the colours were rollin' clicked. Dunno why. Just did.
The poor old drying rack was groaning under the weight of these colourful treasures....Some are 100gms, others are 200 gms. Hehe...I call the big ones "Twanks"..(two hanks)
pictured: Sheepychic "whizz-bang" hand painted Merino roving. 100gms
pictured: Sheepychic "Lillybet" hand painted Merino roving. 100gms.
Pictured: Sheepychic "St. Marc's posie". 100gm Merino Handpainted rovings.
Good news! Getting your hands on some Sheepychic is soon to become a whooolllleeee lot easier thanks to "Sheepychic for you"...a cute little blog-shop running parallel to Sheepychic bloggings. It'll feature my latest goodies available and will have a Shopping Cart system linked up to PAY PAL. Bank Deposits will also be okay. It's still in the building process, but keep posted. Somethin' tells me that these gorgeous Rovings will end up there!! It'll be at
All the very best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Thanks so much for the lovely guys are such Yarn junkies! hehe! A couple of emails, also, regarding our little mice! One last little picture...the two little boys. (now living in their own bachelor pad) You can see one sports a lovely long-haired coat, while his brother has a short coat and a perfect bob-tail! These guys are available for adoption...but no snake enthusiasts may apply! hehe
All the best, Ruth....bye for now.

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