Friday, February 24, 2006

Ze Bag is finito...

Hooray!! Miles of smiles as my oh-so-cute baggie just plopped off the Sheepychic production line....the Golden results of the Merrymunchkin Olympic Knit team. (and ain't Mumsy here proud!!) Here is the yarn used in the shoulder strap and side panels...a sheepychic yarn (funky baggie is 100% sheepychic yarns). It's called Jamma Khan...Tye, Jo and myself were having a fine ol' afternoon when I dyed this number up and it was a definite case of Whoaaaa!! Pass the sunglasses. Tye suggested calling it Jamaican...and when I wrote Jamaican down in my notes I scrawled it down quickly forgetting the 'i'...and "Jamacan" was born! This close up shows some little beads plied through the yarn....beadwork without sitting and stitching?!?!? you betcha!! (This is sheepychic yarn after all!! hehe) Next problem to solve is tiny fingers and even tiny teeth trying to steal my beads. (I have to knit a guard dog) The bottom is sooooo cute and it's my favourite feature.....illustrating how completely flipped my lid really is!! Hand spun corridale plied through with bottle brush seeds!! hehe. When you're sick to death of your bag...don't throw it in the bin...Oh no...go out and bury it in the garden. When your baggie sprouts its bottle brush seeds you can have some lovely cut flowers for the kitchen. Alternatively...if you're like me and would NEVER, EVER get tired of your Sheepychic baggie be sure to arrange to be buried with it when you slip off the perch / kick the bucket! Then your descendants will have some lovely shade when they pay their respects!! hehe Check out how that Jamma Khan knitted up in that blue spotty pattern....freaky!! P.S. Thanks, Tye for helping me to line baggie with some georgeous fabric... Awwww cute baggie!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trophy hank?!?!?!?

I've heard Tye of Merry Munchkin Designs use the phrase "trophy hank or trophy yarn" a couple of times and, truthfully, I get the whole 'one eyebrow up and one eyebrow down' thing going on because although I love nice yarn I've know...gotten gobsmacked by one. Recently, however, I was happily crock-potting some merino fleece tops and when I lifted the lid...I gasped. Wet, hot wool aint pretty and it sure doesn't smell too pretty...but I could see something cool happening here. Still on the bobbin....and didn't I enjoy spinning this little beauty! After spinning I plied through with some silver metallic thread.... Maybe the whole 'trophy hank' penny dropped. Now I know the whole "ok......give it back, give it back" feeling when someone is perving on my nifty hank...hehe. Have a little look...

Finally, the finished product. The layers of blues, greys and rich browns are stunning....and I'm happy I threw in some silver bling- bling. I'm hoping to knit one of Tye's design Butterfly Wing shawls with this little number ...but my knitting needs a little work!

Sheepychic Hanks are now available for purchase at the Werribee South tearooms which is open on Fridays and the weekend. (Opposite the boat ramps) A small selection is on display along with other local arts and crafts.

Thanks for logging in...bye for now! xx

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Maree's hank...signed, sealed and almost delivered!!

This Sheepychic posting is just a quick update on a previous posting. (see A Hank for Maree) Hello everybody and thanks for logging into my blog! You know who you both are...(hehe) I had so much fun posting a blog for Maree. Maree is my cousin from up in the country and we always have a laugh when we can get together... Here is Maree's hank as it just come off the bobbin..... and again on the stove top (in front) where I added a little dose of Sheepychic....splashes of blue, green and yellow.....sealed in with a little steam!!! (thanks for teaching me this technique, Tye!) Da-daaaaaaa....The finished result!! I'm really pleased how this hank has finished up! The rest is up to you, Maree... and may the fleece be with you!!. Don't forget....for those who wish to own a little Sheepychic Handspun Yarn for themselves please don't break in to Maree's home and steal her Sheepychic hank.... is much, much easier to log in to where you can view a selection of Sheepychic for sale or where you can contact me and place an order.

Beautiful handspun yarn is also available from Tye at . Tyes yarns are breathtaking and her blog is a good log on! Cheerio....regards, Ruth (from leaveacommentland) ;)

That weird Christmas deco. handspun ball.....update!

Picture was very, very early on Saturday morning (this morning) when all sane people are still in bed....and our home was in that strange hour long zone of tidiness which occurs first thing in the mornings. P and D are still bleary eyed and watching some Hooley Dooley show with a bowl of toast and the older children are still toys are still all away and it is sooooooo nice and quiet. What to do?.....Some very important...absolutely vital paper work which simply MUST be done. Yes. That's it. I headed for my desk...sat down and something weird caught my eye. Something ugly....yet interesting. Something ad-hock...strange... Something repelling....yet strangely drawing. It was calling at me. Hypnotising me. I tried to start my paperwork but it couldn't be resisted....[insert strange twilight zone-ish music here]....... THE CHRISTMAS DECORATION BALL OF HANDSPUN HAD TO BE KNITTED....AND IT HAD TO BE KNITTED
Of course this ball of handspun (hereonin known as the weird ball) was never meant to be knitted. No.... It was only a curio...A could I? A no/yeah/dunno...maybe....If you've read previous postings you'd have heard my confessions of stalking Christmas Decoration Sale tables wondering if I could attempt a Merino / Deco blend. I shouldn't have gone there...It was un-natural...against God's abomination!!
Don't try to stop's too late. (hehe) but check it out!
When I spun it I really thinned out the merino and draped the decorations on top. I rolled it into a sausage and spun out of the top...(stop laughing) When I plied it back through I used red machine thread and every 10cm or so I stalled the wool for a few seconds giving a small solid red bauble.
There is serious gold and silver hangy-outie bits and pieces (bling, bling!)and the whole thing just about sent me STRANGE!!
That's enough about the weird ball...(now the weird curtain tie-back claimed by Bridget)..thanks for checking out struthless bloggings...bye!!

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