Thursday, February 02, 2006

That weird Christmas deco. handspun ball.....update!

Picture was very, very early on Saturday morning (this morning) when all sane people are still in bed....and our home was in that strange hour long zone of tidiness which occurs first thing in the mornings. P and D are still bleary eyed and watching some Hooley Dooley show with a bowl of toast and the older children are still toys are still all away and it is sooooooo nice and quiet. What to do?.....Some very important...absolutely vital paper work which simply MUST be done. Yes. That's it. I headed for my desk...sat down and something weird caught my eye. Something ugly....yet interesting. Something ad-hock...strange... Something repelling....yet strangely drawing. It was calling at me. Hypnotising me. I tried to start my paperwork but it couldn't be resisted....[insert strange twilight zone-ish music here]....... THE CHRISTMAS DECORATION BALL OF HANDSPUN HAD TO BE KNITTED....AND IT HAD TO BE KNITTED
Of course this ball of handspun (hereonin known as the weird ball) was never meant to be knitted. No.... It was only a curio...A could I? A no/yeah/dunno...maybe....If you've read previous postings you'd have heard my confessions of stalking Christmas Decoration Sale tables wondering if I could attempt a Merino / Deco blend. I shouldn't have gone there...It was un-natural...against God's abomination!!
Don't try to stop's too late. (hehe) but check it out!
When I spun it I really thinned out the merino and draped the decorations on top. I rolled it into a sausage and spun out of the top...(stop laughing) When I plied it back through I used red machine thread and every 10cm or so I stalled the wool for a few seconds giving a small solid red bauble.
There is serious gold and silver hangy-outie bits and pieces (bling, bling!)and the whole thing just about sent me STRANGE!!
That's enough about the weird ball...(now the weird curtain tie-back claimed by Bridget)..thanks for checking out struthless bloggings...bye!!

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Merry Munchkin Designs said...

DUDETTE!!! You knitted! No excuses now you are signed up for the knitting olympics, and anyone who can knit with that perfect tesion, has NO excuses!!! LOVE IT.

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