Thursday, February 02, 2006

Maree's hank...signed, sealed and almost delivered!!

This Sheepychic posting is just a quick update on a previous posting. (see A Hank for Maree) Hello everybody and thanks for logging into my blog! You know who you both are...(hehe) I had so much fun posting a blog for Maree. Maree is my cousin from up in the country and we always have a laugh when we can get together... Here is Maree's hank as it just come off the bobbin..... and again on the stove top (in front) where I added a little dose of Sheepychic....splashes of blue, green and yellow.....sealed in with a little steam!!! (thanks for teaching me this technique, Tye!) Da-daaaaaaa....The finished result!! I'm really pleased how this hank has finished up! The rest is up to you, Maree... and may the fleece be with you!!. Don't forget....for those who wish to own a little Sheepychic Handspun Yarn for themselves please don't break in to Maree's home and steal her Sheepychic hank.... is much, much easier to log in to where you can view a selection of Sheepychic for sale or where you can contact me and place an order.

Beautiful handspun yarn is also available from Tye at . Tyes yarns are breathtaking and her blog is a good log on! Cheerio....regards, Ruth (from leaveacommentland) ;)


roseys madhouse said...

OMG Ruth look at what you made you are so talented, as much as I would love to get a hank I would have to learn to knit first or I suppose I could put it on top of the tele and just admire it when I sit down of an evening lol

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

That would be called 'aquiring Trophy Yarn', Kathie, and it is perfectly legal and acceptable in these circles.
Ruth, what can I say, it looks wicked you did an amazing job!!!!
Thanks so much for the link, by the way, but you dont have to do that!!!! Love you heaps, Tye.

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