Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sheepychic Hand dyed Merino rovings...

Welcome!~ Sheepychic's hand dyed Merino rovings ready to spin, felt.... love! hehe
Pictured: Sheepychic rovings: "Dover" 122 gms
Pictured: Sheepychic roving: "Helmsbury" SOLD
Pictured: Sheepychic roving : "Ocean Sweep" 111 gms.
I've been busy building up some stock for next years Aussie Wool Show in Bendigo along side of Mandie of Ewe-give-me-the-knits fame. **Excitement plus**, but I have to steadily prepare! These Merino Roving bundles are on their way to become Sheepychic yarns.....
pictured: Sheepychic Rovings : "Under currents" 117gms.
Pictured : Sheepychic roving "Steely Ann" SOLD..
pictured: Sheepychic roving: "Gang-gang" 121 gms (a Gang-gang is a cute little Aussie parrot)
.....but I will offer them up for sale briefly. If you'd like one (or two!) they're $12 Aus each with postage at price. ($4 Aust-wide) Hop in quick, though... leave a comment to stake your claim, then email me at sheepychic@hotmail.com
Pictured: Sheepychic rovings : "Kingfisher" 119 gms
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Regards, Ruth...xx

Friday, December 07, 2007

All new Sheepychic... and a Lambzo update.

The Ashford traddie was out today as the children were playing about in the yard. I could tell a couple of extras had popped in over the fence (judging by the noise!) I guess I'm fine with that...as long as their parents know where they are. They enjoyed watching me spin for a little while....
I've been running back and forth a lot out to the line... hanging up freshly dyed rovings and newly spun yarns. hehe... Lambzo is an absolute shadow. It is usually lovely, but at times I was tripping over him... and at one stage shoo-ing him from the kitchen! I couldn't help but drape some yarn over him as he was literally between my feet when I was trying to take shots for the blog. It's a cute photo, I guess... but I like the way the photo shows the quantity of yarn in my hanks.
Oh Lambzo... he had no idea he is a little sheep. He used to hang out all day with his funny flock of children, dogs and a cat. He was very happy, but we were concerned as he wouldn't pick at any grass or hay... but would scoff down on crackers, apples... (even dog food if he could!) He really did need some Sheep role models. Thank goodness there was a welcome place for him with a small flock of 6 at our local historic homestead! Hooray!! Not only can he learn the ins and outs of sheep life but there will be a steady stream of visitors (including us, of course!) for pats and treats! Perfect! (Can you tell I'm trying my best to be brave? I'm missing him terribly... he seems to enjoy being with the sheep, but still runs to me when I call. Awwwww)
Having Lambzo come into our family has been one of the best experiences ever! He is absolutely adorable and so loved! I just can't wait to spin some of his fleece when he's older. Hehe.. Sheepychic O'Lambzo!
To finish up... a sneaky peek at some Sheepychic Rovings. I'll post a few for sale over the next week or two.
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Many thanks, Ruth. Any enquiries please email sheepychic@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back on line! Meet Lambzo

Hi all... thanks for logging in again, especially as I've been down so long. I guess these things happen. I was lost without a P.C. for a while, but then again... more time for spinning!!~ Of course I would be spinning more if not for Lambzo... I find myself outside just hanging about with him... hehe..
When I look at this baby photo of him I can't believe how small he was! He had to overcome a few hurdles, though. He had (and still has) no sucking reflex! I tried both kinds of lamb teats, powdered lamb formula and was soooo patient. (those who know me are nodding their heads) He just learnt to drink his milk as it ran from the bottle....
He got through all that (thanks to the local vet putting him on a drip one very hot day) and now he is a not so tiny Lambzo. :) He's began baaa-ing at night a little (sorry neighbours) as we are trying to break his habit of sleeping on the doorstep. shhhhhh....He's quiet now....as long as he doesn't see any lights go on on that side of the house! I was sitting quietly in the garden this arvo and apparently not paying enough attention to him... he actually put his front legs up on my knee and with his little hoof gave a naughty stamp-stamp-stamp on my leg. I was stunned! I guess I just didn't expect him to be so interactive... He certainly brings a smile to us all each day...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Computer down!

Hi folkes... I'm posting from a friend's computer. My computer is outa action. I'll be back as soon as I can. You can still email me and I'll be in touch as soon as I can. All the best, Ruth.

Monday, September 17, 2007

New!! Sheepychic hand dyed milled yarns!

With all of my spinning demo's finished up for the winter, I've had a couple of weeks off, which has been great. It seems the kids and I are making up for lost Saturdays, too.... with three trips to the zoo and a trip to Melbourne's wonderful Scienceworks... phew! It sounds a lot, but who likes to rush the kids through the zoo? We're happier to split it into a couple visits... If you've never visited Scienceworks it's wonderful! B was lucky enough to be plucked out of the crowd to be the helper for the lightning show. I must admit I was a little worried to watch static electricity running through my daughter...hehe. Her hair went up and the confetti in her hand was flicking up like a little fountain. Brave thing, she is!
On the yarn front I have been in discovery mode, which I love! I've sourced some gorgeous pure wool 8 ply milled yarn and set about hand dying 100gms hanks. I'm amazed how differently the dyes behave with the milled yarn. The colour is absorbed so readily, but I'm happy to say I've still managed that smooth varied colour that I love to put through Sheepychic yarns. (pictured: Sheepychic hand dyed mill yarn, "Baloo")
Here is an interesting colourway, Sheepychic "Otways". Otways is also a milled yarn but with a toweling type finish. It is just so soft! Again, the dyes took beautifully...
My wheels have also been busy... I've got a soft spot for Sheepychic handspun "Bourke 'n' Wills". I've named this yarn after Bourke and Wills because I've used some colours of the outback... russetty reds, clear sky blues and warm yellows. I've plied over with a gold thread which is really pretty, and I also made a hank with simple yellow machine thread, leaving the yarn a nice matt, subtle yarn.
This yarn was fun to make! I spun it off for a demo. when I was at the Point Cook Homestead. I've handdyed the Merino rovings into a polar blue, Rye and white. I stripped the roving through so I could separate the colour and keep a little uniformity, and when I hit the white or there-abouts I draped though some shimmering "Firestar" I bought from EGMTK's. I then plied the whole lot back with a earth coloured thread just to highlight the rye-tones a little... A very special hank. I love this!
Sheepychic "Belle's Beach" is just perfect for a girls beanie. I've taken hand dyed varied pink English Leister locks (which I bought at the Seymour Spinners sharing day... ;) Mandie!) spun them through white Merino! It's chunky, rustic and oh-so pretty. It would be gorgeous for a surfie style beanie, too...
Well, I have been busy as you can see. I'd like to send out a very cheery "G'day... and thank-you" to Barbara who very generously popped over and gifted me with an amazing sunlight-coloured floor lamp! I'm absolutly stoked... I have wanted one for sooooo long! I'm having a lot less hassle with photographs not showing my colours now, too! **Thank-you** I was also stoked to see some of Barbara's projects containing a little Sheepychic! It's great to see an end result. Barbara also makes wonderful freestyle stitching fabric scarves. They are sooo pretty and light, too... perfect for this time of the year. I'll see if she'll let me photograph one and post it! :)
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Ruth xx

Friday, September 07, 2007

Expressions of interest for possible Aussie camp Pluckyfluff

Stop the press, stop the press!!! If you love yarn, and if you love yarn and fibre blogs, you'll probably already know and love Pluckyfluff. WELL..... A lil' birdy (called Mandie..hehe) is looking for expressions of interest.... here...at E.G.M.T.K's to see if a Pluckyfluffish retreat / camp / gathering could be possible.... DOWN UNDER!!!! Have a think about it..... and if you're interested please contact Mandie and we'll try to get the ball rolling! Regards, Ruth.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy birthday, Dad.

A quick little posting today to celebrate DH... It was his birthday recently. Happy birthday, Sash... you really are so dear and very much loved by us all. Pictured are P & D admiring the huge birthday cake. Big sister B designed it on paper first and then asked me if she could make it. In a fit of 'okeydokeyness' I said..."Sure can". It actually tasted pretty good! Poor Dad was home from work feeling queasy but managed a sit and a cake cutting before retreating. Luckily the kids down the road popped in to see what was going on.... so many kids... so much cake. Happy birthday, Dad... we love you so much! And so does the universe too, judging by this oil stain on your overalls... hehe. I am a big fan of Pareidolia!! Remember M's cake with the smile on it? Check it out here....http://sheepychic.blogspot.com/2007/04/remember-wilson.html All the best, and thanks for logging in. I have been spinning carding and handdying... post yarns for sale soon. Thanks for your emails, Ruth. xx

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What in the Sheepychic have you been up to?

Sheepychic Demonstrations here and there at the moment... from Local Community centres to Historic homesteads. Demo's are great 'cos you tend to meet like minded people and sell a little yarn. I was surprised to meet a fibre enthusiast recently who lives just a street away from us. I'm just beginning to realise how insular having young children can be... people are asking if I go to this group or have been to that gallery. But no... with two stay-home 3 year olds I'm afraid the answer is no. (pictured: Sheepychic fun-batt I made for a spinning demo. ) On the flip-side, of course, being a stay home Mum is fantastic... especially as the twins are getting older. I like to involve them as much as I can when fussing about with fibre. Doesn't every 3 year old hang dripping yarn on a rack in the shower? Or sit handing Mum tufts of sparkle as she's spinning some yarn? hehe... not too many complaints here... :) We had a fun night when our old neighbours came over for dinner. Nicole was keen on a yarn in certain colours so we cracked a bottle of Merlot... and the dye pots. The older kids got into the swing of things and we all had a great time... even the Dads. Once again, though, as I sit and spin the results, B steals the show dying up this..... I love it. Sheepychic "Razzle-way" dyed by Sheepychic's apprentice, B. You rock, B... you've definitely got a flair for colour!! Razzle-way is for sale...and if sold, I promise. B will get her share!! hehe. I dyed up an ever popular Sheepychic "Wallaby Rose" single... which I do so enjoy to make. This hank pictured here is for sale.... $25. The varied blue hank is for sale too. It has shades of light and darker blues and purple... with intermittent tufts of amazing electric purple fibres. There is a small length of single at the end where my metallic silver plying thread ran out. I left it there... do with it what you will. hehe. It might be interesting to start a beanie cuff with that yarn and move to the ply. A bit of fun in any case. All the best, and thanks for logging in to sheepychic bloggings. If you love yarn and feeling like dropping me a line you can do so at sheepychic AT hotmail DOT com. Regards, Ruth xx

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sheepychic "Whroo" and Sheepychic "Johnnie"

A couple of on line sales and a couple of orders this week...makes Sheepychic a very happy fibre-gal indeed! And hats off to you guys, too! It's just great when knitters like yourselves are out there supporting small operators like Sheepychic.... $25 is a minute speck of dust to K-mart or Spotlight, but to create-at-home yarnies like myself it is just great! Thank-you soooo much!
For example, thanks to Suzie...and here is your Sheepychic "Whroo". I just know you're going to looovvee this! Plenty there for an amazing beanie!
And pictured here is another recent yarn... Sheepychic "Johnnie". It is 100% Aussie Merino, hand dyed, plied over with some pink metallic sari thread and embellished with pockets of silver angelina fibre. At over 100gms... there's plenty for a beanie or scarf. Available now for $25. Aus.
If you're popping into Sheepychic from the U.S. , Welcome!! I sent a beanie, double hank of yarn and some needles to L.A. recently and the postage was $16Aus. Surely worth considering buying some Aussie handspun, especially if a couple of friends order together! The exchange rate is in your favour too! ;)
Don't forget to check out Mandie's website at EGMTK's... see the links. Along with fibres, dyes and all things cool you can click in the "HANDSPUN" button where you can see some Sheepychic yarns for sale. Cool!!
hehe...sorry for the plug-a-rama posting. Sheepychic's gotta do what she's gotta do!!! All the very best, Ruth xxxx
orders and enquiries? go to sheepychic AT hotmail DOT com.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Australian Sheep and Wool show at Bendigo...

Boy oh boy...did we EVER have a great day out at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo this Friday... B and I had a special gals day out (great to spend the day together...so rare in our oh-so-busy-and-loud family!!) and we met up with Mandie (see the EGMTK's link) and G, and Jo and L. We really did need another day. It was wonderful! Check out these photos! The stock exhibitors where so friendly and approachable. They clearly love their animals... here B is falling in love with a two day old Romney lamb. Still unnamed the generous farmer invited B to name her... Meet "Nikky". Future champion, I'm sure! hehe.
All too often as spinners and knitters a few of us fibre lovers (me included) can forget a little about the "business end" of fleece and wool. I usually receive my fibres in carded or roving form... only occasionally will I get out the scouring agents and buckets and dabble about with raw fleeces.
I had a little trouble at first... Alpaca seems pretty easy to prepare...but with my sheep fleeces I was either left with greasy feeling yarn or yarn dry feeling because I had overdone it with the scouring agents. mmmm. I was also concerned with the amount of water I had to use, with the restrictions and all. After doing a little research, though.. and a few great tips via email from Hollyeqq from Oceans of fibre I have had some success and I'm really keen to explore the different breeds of sheep and goats and see what each one has to offer. (see my blog links... Holly does ammmazing stuff with from scratch with raw fibres ...buy some! )
The show also featured so many amazing stalls with garments, yarns, dyes, rovings.... the list could go on for ever. (and the prices...omg!! So affordable!!) I managed to pick up some cute sock yarn, a first for me. I've always just used my own yarns... Opal sock yarn is a real treat!
I can't wait 'til next year! I missed so much... I want to take two days next year for sure!
Thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings! Yarn or any other enquiries can come on down to sheepychic AT hotmail DOT com. All the very best, Ruth xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Come in Spinner........

Our poor postie came to the door... "There's a huuuugggee parcel here for you" (we both carried it from her car!) Yooo hhhoooo!! I knew it could only be one thing!! The Country Spinner has arrived! The Country Spinner has arrived!! I was expecting to have to assemble it, but no! It was boxed up, wrapped up protected in Kiwi newspapers ready to roll!
I've said it before and I'll say it again...thanks, Mandie for helping me finally get my hands on one!!
It's gonna take some practise, though... I'm having a little trouble not over twisting the yarn. If anyone reading has some tips... pllleeaasee comment or email me!!
Here in Victoria, Australia the school holidays have just ended and the children are back in school. ( All together...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....)
No... seriously! This holiday was really relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed by all. One of our favourite things this holidays is that we had our little mice home for a visit. (The mice stay in the class room at school now, and the children take turns at taking them home for the weekend.) I am delighted that B's super-duper class (and teachers) enjoy having the mice in school... they're such clever, friendly kids. The mice are very comfortable and happy with the children and often get time out of their house. Way to go class!!!! (And hello, if you're popping into Sheepychic during computers.... you guys rock!!)
By the way... check out Rosie mouse posing with her hand dyed Merino bed. This is a fibre art blog, after all.... hehe!
Check out D.H. 's car. It has been rainin' and rain'in and rain'in here in Melbourne lately. You can tell by the car. Are we allowed to say the drought is over yet???
Here is another little pic of some very well played with toys made years ago by our own Merry munchkin designs' Tye. hehe...those toys are still at the top of the toybox... not bad goin'.
Anyway...better wind up this posting. It's going on and on and on.... Thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Any yarn orders or enquiries can come on through at Sheepychic(AT)hotmail(DOT)com.
All the very best, Ruth...xxx

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sheepychic sock yarn... a work in progress.

Great day! Sheepychic and the EGMTK's guru, Mandie (both of us with kids in tow) met today for a real live coffee... and a wander through Bendigo Mills Sales. hehe... picked up some bargains from Sales but more importantly I took delivery of some goodies from Ewe give me the knits such as some new dyes, cool fibres and some gorgeous soaps. The girls became friends and the boys were great. I couldn't believe how busy Bendigo was, though!! Busy, busy, busy!
(lemme give you the news, though... it takes longer than an hour and a half to get to Bendigo from Melbourne. Why does everyone say that?!?!? heeeellloooooo...) I'm sitting in the car (saying) to B... you can keep your husband waiting, you can even keep the Prime Minister waiting...but you should never NEVER keep a Mum with young kids waiting. Thank goodness there was run about space... Sorry, Mandie!!!!
On the Sheepychic front...I spun a hank of sock yarn. It is a little heavy, I guess... but it made
into a pretty, sparklie Sized 2 ankle sock! When I finished knitting it I raced straight to the scales, weighed the sock, weighed the remaining yarn and HOORAY!!! There's plenty for the next sock!!!
Did you know if you go to EWE GIVE ME THE KNITS site (see the link on the blog) not only can you pick up fibres, mags, dyes etc...but Mandie also stocks SHEEPYCHIC HANDSPUN!! yeah, yeah! Her website is so well organised with carts, paypal...all that stuff...it's just easy peesey!!. Go have a look!
Any way... thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. No sign of the Country spinner in the post. (But I think the postie thinks I have the hots for him... the way I'm loitering about to see what they've got for me) hehe
All the best, Ruth...xxxxx

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hat's off!

Hooray! I'm back.... what a relief. One good thing about having the computer down is having the spare late evening. I've been knitting some winter hats. Would you like to see some?...hehe...okay then.
This hat is so cute! It will fit a kinda aged little girl and is currently for sale down at the homestead for $35 Aus. Remembering that this beanie is made from hand dyed, handspun Sheepychic yarn, 100% Merino, ...it is an absolute bargain. Check out Robyn's embroidered daisies. (If you would like to order some, email me for Robyn's details.)
Do you recall "Sheepychic - Terra aquarius" yarn? Maybe you do... I had the joy of knitting it into a beaut little boys beanie, for my little mate, Mandie's boy T... Boys yarns can be a little trickie. They seem to like the sparkle just as the girls do, but sparkle and masculine are hard to juggle. T's hat just has a hint of sparkle... the blue shown is a EGMTK's merino / silk blends...then I've plied it over with some sparkly blue metallic thread. (Go and check out Mandie's fibre shop via my blog link! )
I love the bell shape of this ladies hat... it's so gorgeous and comfortable. And warm!!! I still can't decide whether to run a piece of antique lace around it.
Click on it for a close up...
My adult hats pictured here are for sale for $50 AUS...postage in Australia is free. I will post overseas happily, although the purchaser will have to cover costs. Postage to America will cost
about $12 Australian. (P.S...Sheepychic Witchie beanies are a little dearer at $65...)
Another ladies sized hat in a bell shape. 100% Merino, hand dyed, hand spun, and hand knit. If you look closely this yarn is embellished with green angelina fibre. A gorgeous one-off garment. This hat is still available, also....
Also...huge news!! Sheepychic is soon to be the extremely happy owner of a Country Spinner Wheel... Hoooorrrayyyyyy!! Thanks sooo much to Mandie who tracked one down for me. You're a winner, Mandie and your heart is huuuggee... *hugs* Also on the big news front... Builder has given us a start date for our reno's yay!... including Sheepychic's new studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaya!!
Anyway...thanks for logging in. Please pass the word that Sheepychic bloggings is up and active again... I know it can get a bit tiresome logging in when there's no new news.
All the very best, Ruth xoxoxox

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sheepychic will return as soon as possible!!!

Oh dear....our computer has totally blown up! I'm not talking about..."Goodness...there seems to be something wrong with the P.C. " I'm talking about KAABBOOOOOOOMMMM blow up. It's off to the shop...with a note attached "BE CAREFUL" In the meantime...hang in there...Sheepychic will be back as soon as I can. Believe me. I'm missing you guys just as much as you're all missing me. (you are, aren't you?!?!?! hehe) Enquiries can still be fowarded to sheepychic@hotmail.com. I will check emails as often as I can. Ruth.... xoxoxox

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wonder where you guys end up......

These Sheepychic hanks pictured are enjoying their new home in retail land...(This lot is with Christine at "Stitch This"- Kyabram, in Northen Victoria...in Australia) If you've purchased one of these yarns and you recognise yours feel free (pppllllleeeeeeaaaassseeeee!) to drop in a comment and say hello! Each Sheepychic hank is a one-off. I often wonder what projects these hanks finish up in and where they are...a bit like a message in a bottle, or a lost helium balloon!!
Sheepychic hanks are great for one hank projects...like a scarf or a beanie. If you want two or three hanks the same, I can do that...but they need to be pre-ordered as I would need to dye each lot, split them into thirds (or whatever) and spin them off from there, making three very similar hanks. I have limited my patterns a little this year. (I am juggling toooo many apples at the moment and just have to put a couple down softly for a little while, so as not to drop any) I do have a couple of scarf patterns suiting both my chunky single yarns and my lighter weighted plied yarns...I can pop either of those in with purchased yarn. (or to anybody...feel free to email) I also have a nice Brimmed Beanie pattern to try, also...suiting my chunky singles. Sheepychic handspun would be divine in any pattern, though....and if you find you'd like a complementing yarn for a contrast colour in a scarf or a stripe in a beanie I can spin something for you.
I have been having a dabble around lately, creating some interesting effects by carding some hand dyed Merino rovings to blend it with some "Firestar" glitz fibre (stocked by Mandie...aka : Ewe-give-me-the-knits. You can find Mandie's link on my blog) The carder really altered the way the colours appeared. They were so much more subtle than what I would have expected. The Firestar gave shimmer, rather than sparkle...it's really nice. I still have this hank here with me...but I'll only have it until the end of the week. This is "Sheepychic- Fire stone" It's $25, and I'll pop it into the post for free...Australia only, though!! hehe
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. It's been a lovely couple of drizzly days this weekend...you really do have to wonder about that Rainbow serpent cloud. hehe... Can you believe our family has joined the Cloud Appreciation Society. Now the kids are cloud gazing like crazy...I'm spending the day saying "yeah..yeah...I can see that....." (not)

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