Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sheepychic Hand dyed Merino rovings...

Welcome!~ Sheepychic's hand dyed Merino rovings ready to spin, felt.... love! hehe
Pictured: Sheepychic rovings: "Dover" 122 gms
Pictured: Sheepychic roving: "Helmsbury" SOLD
Pictured: Sheepychic roving : "Ocean Sweep" 111 gms.
I've been busy building up some stock for next years Aussie Wool Show in Bendigo along side of Mandie of Ewe-give-me-the-knits fame. **Excitement plus**, but I have to steadily prepare! These Merino Roving bundles are on their way to become Sheepychic yarns.....
pictured: Sheepychic Rovings : "Under currents" 117gms.
Pictured : Sheepychic roving "Steely Ann" SOLD..
pictured: Sheepychic roving: "Gang-gang" 121 gms (a Gang-gang is a cute little Aussie parrot)
.....but I will offer them up for sale briefly. If you'd like one (or two!) they're $12 Aus each with postage at price. ($4 Aust-wide) Hop in quick, though... leave a comment to stake your claim, then email me at sheepychic@hotmail.com
Pictured: Sheepychic rovings : "Kingfisher" 119 gms
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Regards, Ruth...xx

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