Monday, September 17, 2007

New!! Sheepychic hand dyed milled yarns!

With all of my spinning demo's finished up for the winter, I've had a couple of weeks off, which has been great. It seems the kids and I are making up for lost Saturdays, too.... with three trips to the zoo and a trip to Melbourne's wonderful Scienceworks... phew! It sounds a lot, but who likes to rush the kids through the zoo? We're happier to split it into a couple visits... If you've never visited Scienceworks it's wonderful! B was lucky enough to be plucked out of the crowd to be the helper for the lightning show. I must admit I was a little worried to watch static electricity running through my daughter...hehe. Her hair went up and the confetti in her hand was flicking up like a little fountain. Brave thing, she is!
On the yarn front I have been in discovery mode, which I love! I've sourced some gorgeous pure wool 8 ply milled yarn and set about hand dying 100gms hanks. I'm amazed how differently the dyes behave with the milled yarn. The colour is absorbed so readily, but I'm happy to say I've still managed that smooth varied colour that I love to put through Sheepychic yarns. (pictured: Sheepychic hand dyed mill yarn, "Baloo")
Here is an interesting colourway, Sheepychic "Otways". Otways is also a milled yarn but with a toweling type finish. It is just so soft! Again, the dyes took beautifully...
My wheels have also been busy... I've got a soft spot for Sheepychic handspun "Bourke 'n' Wills". I've named this yarn after Bourke and Wills because I've used some colours of the outback... russetty reds, clear sky blues and warm yellows. I've plied over with a gold thread which is really pretty, and I also made a hank with simple yellow machine thread, leaving the yarn a nice matt, subtle yarn.
This yarn was fun to make! I spun it off for a demo. when I was at the Point Cook Homestead. I've handdyed the Merino rovings into a polar blue, Rye and white. I stripped the roving through so I could separate the colour and keep a little uniformity, and when I hit the white or there-abouts I draped though some shimmering "Firestar" I bought from EGMTK's. I then plied the whole lot back with a earth coloured thread just to highlight the rye-tones a little... A very special hank. I love this!
Sheepychic "Belle's Beach" is just perfect for a girls beanie. I've taken hand dyed varied pink English Leister locks (which I bought at the Seymour Spinners sharing day... ;) Mandie!) spun them through white Merino! It's chunky, rustic and oh-so pretty. It would be gorgeous for a surfie style beanie, too...
Well, I have been busy as you can see. I'd like to send out a very cheery "G'day... and thank-you" to Barbara who very generously popped over and gifted me with an amazing sunlight-coloured floor lamp! I'm absolutly stoked... I have wanted one for sooooo long! I'm having a lot less hassle with photographs not showing my colours now, too! **Thank-you** I was also stoked to see some of Barbara's projects containing a little Sheepychic! It's great to see an end result. Barbara also makes wonderful freestyle stitching fabric scarves. They are sooo pretty and light, too... perfect for this time of the year. I'll see if she'll let me photograph one and post it! :)
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Ruth xx

Friday, September 07, 2007

Expressions of interest for possible Aussie camp Pluckyfluff

Stop the press, stop the press!!! If you love yarn, and if you love yarn and fibre blogs, you'll probably already know and love Pluckyfluff. WELL..... A lil' birdy (called Mandie..hehe) is looking for expressions of interest.... E.G.M.T.K's to see if a Pluckyfluffish retreat / camp / gathering could be possible.... DOWN UNDER!!!! Have a think about it..... and if you're interested please contact Mandie and we'll try to get the ball rolling! Regards, Ruth.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy birthday, Dad.

A quick little posting today to celebrate DH... It was his birthday recently. Happy birthday, Sash... you really are so dear and very much loved by us all. Pictured are P & D admiring the huge birthday cake. Big sister B designed it on paper first and then asked me if she could make it. In a fit of 'okeydokeyness' I said..."Sure can". It actually tasted pretty good! Poor Dad was home from work feeling queasy but managed a sit and a cake cutting before retreating. Luckily the kids down the road popped in to see what was going on.... so many kids... so much cake. Happy birthday, Dad... we love you so much! And so does the universe too, judging by this oil stain on your overalls... hehe. I am a big fan of Pareidolia!! Remember M's cake with the smile on it? Check it out here.... All the best, and thanks for logging in. I have been spinning carding and handdying... post yarns for sale soon. Thanks for your emails, Ruth. xx

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