Friday, April 18, 2008

A mouse tail. A poem by Ruth.

Poor little Rosie - with ya lump on your side,
'tis as long as yer head, an' double as wide.
Sittin' in yer bowl, chewin' a chip an' a nut,
sittin' there pretty, 'spite a sick looken' gut.
Pretty, I guess, for a tatty ol' mouse,
a retired kids pet in ya posh little house.
Ya wheel's all squeeky, Rosie, I'm sorry 'bout that,
and sorry 'bout the night you were left locked with the cat.
The kids loved you dearly, I can tell you this Rose.
Don't know if you loved 'em much back, I suppose...
what with lego mazes and those damn trips to school,
don't worry, Rosie... we have a new rule.
"Sit quietly! Speak gently! Give her some peace!"
No more holding, no pockets... it all has to cease.
Our dear Rosie is old, she's some to her last.
Her busy pet duties have all come to past.
Ahhhhh, Rosie, isn't it lovely 'n' quiet?
Studio's a wonderful place late at night...
what with me an' my wool dyes 'n' my Merino fleeces
and you with your ladder and rice cracker pieces.
I notice you scurry and hide no more,
when I check your water and open your door...
A simple fondness, our quiet company...
we've a kind of kinship, Rose, haven't we...
I'm watching you now sitting so weary 'n' old,
I want to say something that each pet should be told...
Thank you.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The most amazing Christmas picture....

You know how sometimes somebody says something to you....and it kind of sticks with and you find yourself thinking about it vacantly?
Well....A while ago my Sister in law, A, and I were having a chat and she mentioned that she'd seen on telly Alison duBois (Medium) who was explaining that dearly loved family who had passed on often get frustrated as they send little messages...only finding that the living either miss them completely... or tell themselves to stop being silly. (Is that the gist of it, A? )
It was a strange conversation to have, in a way.... people who know me well know that I'm pretty straight laced about all this mystical stuff. I just don't know a lot about it, and never been compelled to learn.
Having said that here is a picture that has been sitting here with me that was drawn by my young son just before Christmas. Leading up to this drawing, D had only scribbled occasionally. He's not really into it. A few eye-dots here and there... punching holes in the paper with a pencil....typical 3 year old art.
Then this....
Paper and pencils are always on hand for the kids... but sadly no more pictures from D.
Could I possibly dare to even imagine this could be a Christmas card from heaven?
*** :D ***
2008! Who can believe it. I remember sitting in school working out how old I would be in the year 2000! sheeeeesh! Looking forward to it though.... should be a great year. Happy new year to all who log in... (well... to everyone, really!) May this year be full of happiness and love.
All the best, Ruth... xx

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sheepychic Hand dyed Merino rovings...

Welcome!~ Sheepychic's hand dyed Merino rovings ready to spin, felt.... love! hehe
Pictured: Sheepychic rovings: "Dover" 122 gms
Pictured: Sheepychic roving: "Helmsbury" SOLD
Pictured: Sheepychic roving : "Ocean Sweep" 111 gms.
I've been busy building up some stock for next years Aussie Wool Show in Bendigo along side of Mandie of Ewe-give-me-the-knits fame. **Excitement plus**, but I have to steadily prepare! These Merino Roving bundles are on their way to become Sheepychic yarns.....
pictured: Sheepychic Rovings : "Under currents" 117gms.
Pictured : Sheepychic roving "Steely Ann" SOLD..
pictured: Sheepychic roving: "Gang-gang" 121 gms (a Gang-gang is a cute little Aussie parrot)
.....but I will offer them up for sale briefly. If you'd like one (or two!) they're $12 Aus each with postage at price. ($4 Aust-wide) Hop in quick, though... leave a comment to stake your claim, then email me at
Pictured: Sheepychic rovings : "Kingfisher" 119 gms
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Regards, Ruth...xx

Friday, December 07, 2007

All new Sheepychic... and a Lambzo update.

The Ashford traddie was out today as the children were playing about in the yard. I could tell a couple of extras had popped in over the fence (judging by the noise!) I guess I'm fine with long as their parents know where they are. They enjoyed watching me spin for a little while....
I've been running back and forth a lot out to the line... hanging up freshly dyed rovings and newly spun yarns. hehe... Lambzo is an absolute shadow. It is usually lovely, but at times I was tripping over him... and at one stage shoo-ing him from the kitchen! I couldn't help but drape some yarn over him as he was literally between my feet when I was trying to take shots for the blog. It's a cute photo, I guess... but I like the way the photo shows the quantity of yarn in my hanks.
Oh Lambzo... he had no idea he is a little sheep. He used to hang out all day with his funny flock of children, dogs and a cat. He was very happy, but we were concerned as he wouldn't pick at any grass or hay... but would scoff down on crackers, apples... (even dog food if he could!) He really did need some Sheep role models. Thank goodness there was a welcome place for him with a small flock of 6 at our local historic homestead! Hooray!! Not only can he learn the ins and outs of sheep life but there will be a steady stream of visitors (including us, of course!) for pats and treats! Perfect! (Can you tell I'm trying my best to be brave? I'm missing him terribly... he seems to enjoy being with the sheep, but still runs to me when I call. Awwwww)
Having Lambzo come into our family has been one of the best experiences ever! He is absolutely adorable and so loved! I just can't wait to spin some of his fleece when he's older. Hehe.. Sheepychic O'Lambzo!
To finish up... a sneaky peek at some Sheepychic Rovings. I'll post a few for sale over the next week or two.
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Many thanks, Ruth. Any enquiries please email

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back on line! Meet Lambzo

Hi all... thanks for logging in again, especially as I've been down so long. I guess these things happen. I was lost without a P.C. for a while, but then again... more time for spinning!!~ Of course I would be spinning more if not for Lambzo... I find myself outside just hanging about with him... hehe..
When I look at this baby photo of him I can't believe how small he was! He had to overcome a few hurdles, though. He had (and still has) no sucking reflex! I tried both kinds of lamb teats, powdered lamb formula and was soooo patient. (those who know me are nodding their heads) He just learnt to drink his milk as it ran from the bottle....
He got through all that (thanks to the local vet putting him on a drip one very hot day) and now he is a not so tiny Lambzo. :) He's began baaa-ing at night a little (sorry neighbours) as we are trying to break his habit of sleeping on the doorstep. shhhhhh....He's quiet long as he doesn't see any lights go on on that side of the house! I was sitting quietly in the garden this arvo and apparently not paying enough attention to him... he actually put his front legs up on my knee and with his little hoof gave a naughty stamp-stamp-stamp on my leg. I was stunned! I guess I just didn't expect him to be so interactive... He certainly brings a smile to us all each day...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Computer down!

Hi folkes... I'm posting from a friend's computer. My computer is outa action. I'll be back as soon as I can. You can still email me and I'll be in touch as soon as I can. All the best, Ruth.

Monday, September 17, 2007

New!! Sheepychic hand dyed milled yarns!

With all of my spinning demo's finished up for the winter, I've had a couple of weeks off, which has been great. It seems the kids and I are making up for lost Saturdays, too.... with three trips to the zoo and a trip to Melbourne's wonderful Scienceworks... phew! It sounds a lot, but who likes to rush the kids through the zoo? We're happier to split it into a couple visits... If you've never visited Scienceworks it's wonderful! B was lucky enough to be plucked out of the crowd to be the helper for the lightning show. I must admit I was a little worried to watch static electricity running through my daughter...hehe. Her hair went up and the confetti in her hand was flicking up like a little fountain. Brave thing, she is!
On the yarn front I have been in discovery mode, which I love! I've sourced some gorgeous pure wool 8 ply milled yarn and set about hand dying 100gms hanks. I'm amazed how differently the dyes behave with the milled yarn. The colour is absorbed so readily, but I'm happy to say I've still managed that smooth varied colour that I love to put through Sheepychic yarns. (pictured: Sheepychic hand dyed mill yarn, "Baloo")
Here is an interesting colourway, Sheepychic "Otways". Otways is also a milled yarn but with a toweling type finish. It is just so soft! Again, the dyes took beautifully...
My wheels have also been busy... I've got a soft spot for Sheepychic handspun "Bourke 'n' Wills". I've named this yarn after Bourke and Wills because I've used some colours of the outback... russetty reds, clear sky blues and warm yellows. I've plied over with a gold thread which is really pretty, and I also made a hank with simple yellow machine thread, leaving the yarn a nice matt, subtle yarn.
This yarn was fun to make! I spun it off for a demo. when I was at the Point Cook Homestead. I've handdyed the Merino rovings into a polar blue, Rye and white. I stripped the roving through so I could separate the colour and keep a little uniformity, and when I hit the white or there-abouts I draped though some shimmering "Firestar" I bought from EGMTK's. I then plied the whole lot back with a earth coloured thread just to highlight the rye-tones a little... A very special hank. I love this!
Sheepychic "Belle's Beach" is just perfect for a girls beanie. I've taken hand dyed varied pink English Leister locks (which I bought at the Seymour Spinners sharing day... ;) Mandie!) spun them through white Merino! It's chunky, rustic and oh-so pretty. It would be gorgeous for a surfie style beanie, too...
Well, I have been busy as you can see. I'd like to send out a very cheery "G'day... and thank-you" to Barbara who very generously popped over and gifted me with an amazing sunlight-coloured floor lamp! I'm absolutly stoked... I have wanted one for sooooo long! I'm having a lot less hassle with photographs not showing my colours now, too! **Thank-you** I was also stoked to see some of Barbara's projects containing a little Sheepychic! It's great to see an end result. Barbara also makes wonderful freestyle stitching fabric scarves. They are sooo pretty and light, too... perfect for this time of the year. I'll see if she'll let me photograph one and post it! :)
All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Ruth xx

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