Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The return of Sharna....a mouse tail!... hehe

A ripple of joy and amazement yesterday as Wondermum...(ol' Sheepychic here) managed to locate our children's precious pet, Sharna, after she went missing in OPEN FARM LAND and bring her home!! Impossible?!?!..No..Highly improbable...but not impossible. She found her way to the topple mouse trap we set....hooray! Thank goodness! A huge sigh of relief for us all. A big drink, a cashew nut and a quick cuddle...then a big rest back in her tank. (And a line up at the bathroom sink with the anti-bacterial hand wash for all) Sharn..you're still a mouse after all... Its amazing how even the tiniest of pets can become important members of the family. Now Cloe (aka Speedy mouse) if you a reading this...go to the topple trap...(not the light!!!) to the topple traaaapppp!!! We miss you! More yarn posting soon...thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings... Ruth xx

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hippy String Bag Mission. (Tye can I borrow some Size 20 Needles?) hehe

Hello to all...I hope you're enjoying some Spring Melbourne Warmth (Those of you from Melb, anyway!) I'm a little excited at the moment 'cos I'm on a mission. It's funny how 'Missions' can put a spark in your step...hehe! I was grocery shopping the other day and spied, lining up at the Deli, the cutest, funkiest hippy string shopping bag ever! (Slung over the shoulder of it's nifty owner, of course) I was inspired. I want one! Well with such a large family I guess I'll need a few! So...Yarn... It'll need to be somewhat inelastic (hehe...visions of a shopping bag with a few tins in it dangling around my ankles ) It'll need to be pretty strong...which handspun usually is. Cool! Check out what I've come up with so far. All of these yarns are an Alpaca Merino Blend, in black, brown and grey. The ratio of Alpaca to the Merino is apparently about 80:20...but the Merino seems quite course. The alpaca is a lot less elastic than Merino...Ideal for what I'm after, but you wouldn't want a scarf from it, as the course Merino is a little scritchie. These first hanks are just what I'm looking for. I've spun them off...and plied back with some interesting commercial highlight yarns. With the grey I plied back with machine thread and tossed in some silver fibres at odd intervals. Now I better figure out a string bag pattern....any hints will be sooooooooo appreciated in the comment or by email (see address in my profile). I wish I could crochet...I think this may be the way to go. That's that for the Hippy string bags... but I thought I might post a photo of some really cute yarn a made the other night. I'm loving this...it's cute. Thanks for popping into Sheepychic bloggings. Hope to hear from you soon. Ruth xxx

Friday, September 08, 2006

Glitches of witches!

These sheepychic Witchie beanies are proving a hit...but the best thing about them is that they are so fun to knit! This Witchie beanie features the "Morning Muster" yarn from a few postings ago...("Everyone likes new stuff")combined with some more of that adorable purple I spun up at Tyes house. The silver fibres sparkle beautifully! The new owner of this Witchie is a lover of purple...I wanted to move away from having the purple band/blue hat "thang" so I've staggered the two yarns together...kind of like a "melt". The handspun Morning Muster throws a really unusual wibbly wobbly look...and I've also blobbed through some of that georgeous purple throughout the Morning Muster......looks really nice. Thanks to Felix the cat and his little Wizard owner for the modeling...it's wayyyy to big for you, though, little D!! If you know somebody who would be interested in a Witchie beanie could you please pass them to this site....they cost $65 (when ordered through this site) and are all knitted with my own hand dyed, hand spun yarns. Thanks so much for coming to Sheepychic bloggings...see you soon, Ruth xxx

Friday, September 01, 2006

Witchie Beanies are magically disappearing!

Things are quiet on the Sheepychic front, lately... which is baaddd 'cos I should be oh-so busy!(pictured: Sheepychic "Waterwheel")I have been really tied down with a horrid virus that has been through the children...my arms are aching from carrying around poor little D. He has been sooo hot and so clammy that I've actually had to change his Jarmies and bedding during the nights. It just went on and on and on. I know I've been having a whinge about still feeding them...but thank god they're still nursing 'cos nothing else was eaten. (And don't even mention our renovations. It's going to be great when it's finished...but o m g! I don't even know where my fleece stash is. My entire house had to be stuffed outside for a week under the verandahs. My spinning wheel is jammed somewhere in my room..(I think)

As usual Tye managed to pop into the void (thank god) and I had a wee spin at her house...magic happened. I spun some adorable purple yarn that I have ear marked for three different projects. The cuff on Tye's promised Witchie Beanie is the first....

This project began when Tye and I noticed that the freshly spun purple yarn seemed to complement this hank of Sheepychic "Waterwheel" yarn that I had given her ages ago. It was a funky Witchie Beanie in the making!

I decided to go a little higher with this one...so it flippy flops down nicely. I've left a sparkley tufted runner at the end which is screaming "I want a jingly little bell..I waannntt a jingly little bellllll". I think I'll put one on. That way Tye won't be able to sneak around and tidy up when I feel like being messy! (or pass near the kettle without making coffee...hehe)

Well...I just love it. Mostly knitted while P & D where running around a indoor cricket court filled with toys and puzzles and I endured the most absolutely insanely disgusting coffee I've ever tasted. (Not made.....tasted!) <---- This is my Darlin's favourite quote when he's cooking. It's a little test to see whether or not he actually reads my blog or quickly glances at the photos!.

Bye for now..and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Ruth xx.

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