Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sheepychic sock yarn... a work in progress.

Great day! Sheepychic and the EGMTK's guru, Mandie (both of us with kids in tow) met today for a real live coffee... and a wander through Bendigo Mills Sales. hehe... picked up some bargains from Sales but more importantly I took delivery of some goodies from Ewe give me the knits such as some new dyes, cool fibres and some gorgeous soaps. The girls became friends and the boys were great. I couldn't believe how busy Bendigo was, though!! Busy, busy, busy!
(lemme give you the news, though... it takes longer than an hour and a half to get to Bendigo from Melbourne. Why does everyone say that?!?!? heeeellloooooo...) I'm sitting in the car (saying) to B... you can keep your husband waiting, you can even keep the Prime Minister waiting...but you should never NEVER keep a Mum with young kids waiting. Thank goodness there was run about space... Sorry, Mandie!!!!
On the Sheepychic front...I spun a hank of sock yarn. It is a little heavy, I guess... but it made
into a pretty, sparklie Sized 2 ankle sock! When I finished knitting it I raced straight to the scales, weighed the sock, weighed the remaining yarn and HOORAY!!! There's plenty for the next sock!!!
Did you know if you go to EWE GIVE ME THE KNITS site (see the link on the blog) not only can you pick up fibres, mags, dyes etc...but Mandie also stocks SHEEPYCHIC HANDSPUN!! yeah, yeah! Her website is so well organised with carts, paypal...all that's just easy peesey!!. Go have a look!
Any way... thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. No sign of the Country spinner in the post. (But I think the postie thinks I have the hots for him... the way I'm loitering about to see what they've got for me) hehe
All the best, Ruth...xxxxx


Anonymous said...

Didn't we have a wonderful day?! We need to do it more often! G is already asking when we are coming to Casa Sheepy was sooo nice to just get out of the house on a sunny day and go for a drive!
Your sock yarn is AMAZING - just divine - I am so going to learn to knit socks.
Just rang but you are out for the day - I knew that but I forgot!! Talk soon xoxo

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

That sock, is WICKED cool!

roseys madhouse said...

love the sock darl it looks great. Im with you it never ever took me an hour and a half to get to Bendigo, well not sitting on the speed limit that is lol

Dot said...

Your spinning is so beautiful so anything you make with that yarn is gonna be scrummy and divine! Was admiring the little hat you gifted Mandie's little Mr T with. Too cute!! Haven't spun in weeks but your pics make me wanna go spin right now. Beautiful stuff!

Looking forward to meeting you Friday. ;o)

Ruth.... said...

Thanks Dot. I'm looking forward to Friday, that's for sure. I was experimenting today and decided to "bung" the pictured socks into the normal wash load to see what would happen. It was a regular cold wash with detergent (I figured that the 3 yr old could adopt them if they felted and shrunk) Guess what. Nuthin'. They're out there on the line sparkling away with the MILLION other socks a family of six generates in a wet week. (Phew)

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