Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hat's off!

Hooray! I'm back.... what a relief. One good thing about having the computer down is having the spare late evening. I've been knitting some winter hats. Would you like to see some?...hehe...okay then.
This hat is so cute! It will fit a kinda aged little girl and is currently for sale down at the homestead for $35 Aus. Remembering that this beanie is made from hand dyed, handspun Sheepychic yarn, 100% Merino, is an absolute bargain. Check out Robyn's embroidered daisies. (If you would like to order some, email me for Robyn's details.)
Do you recall "Sheepychic - Terra aquarius" yarn? Maybe you do... I had the joy of knitting it into a beaut little boys beanie, for my little mate, Mandie's boy T... Boys yarns can be a little trickie. They seem to like the sparkle just as the girls do, but sparkle and masculine are hard to juggle. T's hat just has a hint of sparkle... the blue shown is a EGMTK's merino / silk blends...then I've plied it over with some sparkly blue metallic thread. (Go and check out Mandie's fibre shop via my blog link! )
I love the bell shape of this ladies hat... it's so gorgeous and comfortable. And warm!!! I still can't decide whether to run a piece of antique lace around it.
Click on it for a close up...
My adult hats pictured here are for sale for $50 AUS...postage in Australia is free. I will post overseas happily, although the purchaser will have to cover costs. Postage to America will cost
about $12 Australian. (P.S...Sheepychic Witchie beanies are a little dearer at $65...)
Another ladies sized hat in a bell shape. 100% Merino, hand dyed, hand spun, and hand knit. If you look closely this yarn is embellished with green angelina fibre. A gorgeous one-off garment. This hat is still available, also....
Also...huge news!! Sheepychic is soon to be the extremely happy owner of a Country Spinner Wheel... Hoooorrrayyyyyy!! Thanks sooo much to Mandie who tracked one down for me. You're a winner, Mandie and your heart is huuuggee... *hugs* Also on the big news front... Builder has given us a start date for our reno's yay!... including Sheepychic's new studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaya!!
Anyway...thanks for logging in. Please pass the word that Sheepychic bloggings is up and active again... I know it can get a bit tiresome logging in when there's no new news.
All the very best, Ruth xoxoxox


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

LOVE those hats, so glad you are back!!! We missed you!

roseys madhouse said...

I love the hats they are adorable.
Im soooo glad you back I have missed you :)

That Spinning Place said...

Welcome back, Ruth!! The hats look wonderful. Looking forward to seeing some MEGA-YARNS from the Country Spinner wheel. Woo-hoo!

Kerry said...

Woo hoo your back!
So glad I dont have to read that you will return as soon as possible lol.

Gorgeous hats!

Great to hear that your building a studio, my aunty has converted a huge shipping container into a craft room with everything you can imagine!!!

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