Thursday, February 23, 2006

Trophy hank?!?!?!?

I've heard Tye of Merry Munchkin Designs use the phrase "trophy hank or trophy yarn" a couple of times and, truthfully, I get the whole 'one eyebrow up and one eyebrow down' thing going on because although I love nice yarn I've know...gotten gobsmacked by one. Recently, however, I was happily crock-potting some merino fleece tops and when I lifted the lid...I gasped. Wet, hot wool aint pretty and it sure doesn't smell too pretty...but I could see something cool happening here. Still on the bobbin....and didn't I enjoy spinning this little beauty! After spinning I plied through with some silver metallic thread.... Maybe the whole 'trophy hank' penny dropped. Now I know the whole "ok......give it back, give it back" feeling when someone is perving on my nifty hank...hehe. Have a little look...

Finally, the finished product. The layers of blues, greys and rich browns are stunning....and I'm happy I threw in some silver bling- bling. I'm hoping to knit one of Tye's design Butterfly Wing shawls with this little number ...but my knitting needs a little work!

Sheepychic Hanks are now available for purchase at the Werribee South tearooms which is open on Fridays and the weekend. (Opposite the boat ramps) A small selection is on display along with other local arts and crafts.

Thanks for logging in...bye for now! xx

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