Saturday, May 05, 2007

All new yarns...on the cat walk! (or should I say Sheep walk)

I'd like to share with you some of my favourite Winter '07 yarns... First pictured is Sheepychic " Badger Creek" The colours of this beautiful yarn were directly inspired by watching a little of the Melbourne fashion week. They're a bit of a stand out for me, and remind me of the stunning massive Mountain Ash trees in the Healseville Badger Creek area. Sheepychic badger creek is a 100% Merino spun in a chunky single. SOLD - can make another similar...just email.
Next is another chunky Merino single, Sheepychic "Whroo". The colours just sing for this yarn...and it's just so simple, soft and gorgeous. (SOLD - can make another similar...just email)
Here is pictured Sheepychic "Free Reign". Free Reign is such a unique yarn...I've named it Free Reign as it was hand dyed my 8yo daughter, B. I lay out the rovings and dye stocks and while I supervised her safety handling the equipment, I was careful not to guide her choice and use of colour. She had a ball placing dye here and there (and everywhere) but I did have to bite my tongue a little when she over sprayed lightly with black stock. I was happily stunned when we rinsed out at the final stages to find the black had given the colours an unusual but oh-so-pretty softness. Then I've spun it together with a light sprinkle of the gold angelina fibre and plied over with the gold thread. This yarn would be stunning as a one-skein scarf....(and it would be the only one of it's kind in the whole known universe!!!)

If you like the Autumn colours you'll like this yarn. It is Sheepychic's "Collin's girl". Along with the traditional autumn hues there are some lilacs too...all spun through with the most amazing Copper Anglelina fibres. I even managed to track down a Copper Metallic thread to ply through with. If you wore this as a scarf along with a dark jacket the colours and shimmery fibre will warm your outfit so nicely. (SOLD- can make another similar...just email!)

I better wind up as this posting's getting a little photo-heavy... so to finish up we have Sheepychic "Gweneth" The colours are the main feature of this pretty yarn. They just sing, don't they? If you love florals and flowing, lofty fabrics...a feminine scarf made from Gweneth will tide you through the winter months.

Thanks for popping into Sheepychic bloggings. I hope you enjoyed a fun little parade inspired posting..hehe. Any enquiries can go through to but be really quick if you want one of these featured yarns. I will literally only have them this week coming then off they go to retail. Each one is $25 plus p&h. (Remember...they are 20% bigger than last years yarns...they all weigh INXS of 100 gms.)

All the very best, Ruth...xoxo


Anonymous said...

Oh Ruth these yarns are simply divine

Mandie said...

Oh my!! They are all b-ewe-tiful Ruth...really, really awesome!
If you twisted my arm and made me pick a favourite I'd have to say "Whroo"....the colours speak to me as does the location :-)
Can you put my name on it please?
I need it :-)

Mandie said...

Me again.
Please tell B that I think her dye job rocks!

Little Miss Kylie said...

I have no idea where you find the time Ruth.

They're all gorgeous.

PS: B. is obviously following in her talented mother's footsteps.

Ruth.... said... total neglecting housework and children. (And being nocternal, of course.

Merry Munchkin Designs said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, Enjoyed this read. Your photos are lovely, great colours for Winter, makes you look forward to the cold weather!!! Christine

roseys madhouse said...

you are so talented and they all look fabulous and I promise I will be posting pictures of my scarf that I knitted out of your yarns for you to see as soon as I get the time lol.

Kerry said...

Simply beautiful yarns!
I have a photo of Kath sporting some unique sheepychic and mmd originals, come over to my blog to have a browse lol.

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