Monday, July 24, 2006

Lavender Hank Update...update...update...update....

As promised in the previous posting...some pictures of Lynne's Lavender Patch inspired Sheepychic handspun. I've called it Lavern. hehe (pictured: Lavern in the pot)

You can see my Lavender Patch intentions here in the dye pot...but as you can see with the rovings drying by the fire the lavender's base colours have gone walk abouts.

I looooooovvveee this accidental result. But please....hehe don't order this one..I can't remake this! It's an absolute ONE OFF...and even more the charming this way! (pictured: dyed rovings drying by the fire)

(pictured: Sheepychic Lavern spun in a slubby style)

Lynne's keen to knit up a winter beanie with this I spun 80gms of the rovings into a slubby style...leaving 100 gms. 80 gms went into a neat gold ply hank leaving 20 gms. over. hmmm...what to do?

I grabbed another 60gms of white Merino (my bobbins hold about 80 to 95 gms depending on the technique I use) and spun them off together throwing in a little gold fibre as I went.

(pictured: Lavern Snowy....very chunky)

By blending the same rovings through the 2nd. hank it's a guarantee the two hanks for this beanie will go together beautifully....

(pictured: Lavern with a neat gold metallic thread ply)

I'm just loving this extra little hank...imagine this hank knitted up in a shoulder scarf under a nice winter jacket.

Well...that's about it for Sheepychic bloggings for this posting. I'm looking forward to an upcoming Sheepychic spinning demo with Broughton Lea's knitting a big hello to all at Broughton Lea...put the kettle on!

All the very, very best...and thanks so much for logging into Sheepychic. Feel free to add a little comment...they make my day!!

Ruth xxx


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

I have a new love and his name is....... Lavern, sigh xxx

roseys madhouse said...

is there a shirley coming???? Im sure Lynne will love her wool

kerry said...

Gorgeous hanks!
Love the names too.

Anonymous said...

Photos look great Ruth, Lavender and Greens are a great combination, Christine.

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