Monday, July 17, 2006

Shop meets Sheep

If you surveyed the general population I bet many, many people associate the words hand spun yarns with brown or cream wool (albeit beautiful) for country style knitwear.... however my spinning comrade Tye and I are always looking for ways to push the boundaries a little. (pictured...Sheepychic Falls. Care for a swim? hehe)

Take a look at the three hanks to the left of Sheepychic falls...we have 100% Merino handspun plied back with all sorts of goodies. (Tye's find...she has a wonderful knack of finding groovy stuff to incorporate with handspun - check out )

(pictured: Sheepychic "Hearth-Side")

The neat fluffies are mohair bound in polyester and are commercially available. When running this back through with the Merino handspun I tossed in intervals of gold metallic fibres. Oh wow! actually looks warm! hehe

(pictured: Sheepychic "Glacier-side")

Same technique...different colours. Can you imagine working this yarn through a beanie with...say...some Sheepychic varied blue Slubby? Winter hat heaven!

Earthy colours work well, too..."Sheepychic Shaggy"

Everyone loves a funky novelty yarn at the moment but with these hanks you can have that wonderful hand spun Merino warmth...with a cool eye-catch. Neat!

Thanks for popping in to Sheepychic...and thanks soooo much for the great little comments. They make my day!

Ruth xx


Anonymous said...

I'm packing my swimmers.
Love Andrea

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

I love, I love it, I really really do, I like to swim, la la la la, Go Sheepy chic falls!!!! Thanks for the plug Darl!!! Love Tye xx

Ruth.... said...

hehe...the Justine song, eh? I love that song! I love it, I love it, I really, really love it...ya dag!

roseys madhouse said...

these are spectacular Im am not suprised at the creations you girls get though you are both extremely talented

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