Monday, March 19, 2007

Batt making for Sheepychic witchie beanie season!

I just love knitting witchie beanies! I put a lot of effort into finding just the right mix of yarns. I usually like to go for a Gothic type feel so I use dark colours but I try to have a few little quirky twists of colour...then I just knit them up free pattern. This is so fun and relaxing...and I reckon it's cool that no two are the same!!
I've been dabbling around with my old carder to make a totally witchie yarn. I've got here some black Alpaca, which I've cleaned and picked through from scratch...A couple of lengths of a rainbow hand dyed Merino rovings and a small amount of gold angelina fibres. I (or should I say M and I) ran the lot in varying quantities slowly through the carder (watch your fingers, M!!) and tossed in some sparkling fibres here and there....the results were so pleasing!! Check up the shimmer on the photo. The fibres really flare up! I finished up two batts, which I ran through the carder twice...anymore and I would have lost the definition between the black alpaca and the coloured Merino. I went on to spin them up straight away...then I plied it back over with some gold fibre. Hehe...this is going to be the grooviest Witchie beanie ever!! Stay tuned for some pictures over the next few days of the finished yarn...and hopefully the hat itself!
Here is a picture of the batt just as I've lifted it off the drum carder...I you are interested in buying some please email me....I will make some up to order. The price will have to vary according to the fleece I use.
All the very best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings.
Ruth xoxox


ambermoggie said...

this is fabulous Ruth:) can't wait to see the finished item. How much is it for shipping to scotland?

Mandie said...

OMG luvvy!! B-ewe-tiful!! That's one gorgeous batt you've got happening there!!
Those colours against the black are amazing and the Angelina really makes it all pop! WOW!
We need to get together soon for a fibre fix I reckon!

Ruth.... said...

Hiya Ambermoggie...thanks for popping in! I'm so glad you like my funny spooky batt. I think postage over to Scotland will be about $15 Aus...and a 100gm of batts of the alpaca costs about $17 Aus. (It is three of what you see there) You can contact me at anytime you wish to go ahead. All the best, Ruth.

Kuka said...

Hi Ruth,
Tonight I was 'representing' at the Harlot Happening in Canberra, where I was the lucky recipient (let's be honest, winner is more fitting you know!) of a the most fabulous skein of hand spun, hand painted, 100% merino, "wizz bang" sheepy chic yarn!
It is simply gorgeous - thankyou so much!
I can honestly say that I can't even imagine what I might do beyond putting it in a glass bowl somewhere that I can look at it all the time!
Thanks again =)

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Oh please tell me you are selling some of that!!! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

i love your wool mum. keep up the great work. happy birthday mum. i love you from B

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