Monday, March 05, 2007

Little snake...big attitude.

I was a supermum today. When more often that not I'm juggling too many balls and dropping them occasionally...(gosh...did I just write that?!?!? ppppppffffftttt!!!) I am pleased to say ...not today. I hopped up singin' and got all 4 kids ready in a jiffy and realised we were ready so early we had time to cook pancakes for breaky.
After which the children filed in for teeth brushing..(I was stunned) then the girls had their hair done. (huh?? no whinging!!) We head out the front door to be confronted by a tiger snake on the door step. I flicked it up with a stick into our beach bucket ('cos I didn't wanna be late after all my effort!) hehe..Now I'm sounding like the amazing snake woman...but check out the size of it.

I phone the local snake wrangler who quickly came to relocate it (they're protected) and he pointed out that this little fella could still kill a child. Omg. Not so brave now. It was hissin' and rearing up and doing it's best impersonation of Oscar's pet worm on Sesame Street...having a biiiigg hissy fit. Thank god it's Mum and Dad seem nowhere to be found.

On the Sheepychic front I've been busy knitting up a few more head bands...I'll list a couple in Sheepychic shop. This one pictured is made from a cute Sheepychic "snowy varied green" hank that I've had for a while. It looks a little chunky but it's not really....little P is a pip-squeek! hehe..Just sitting here looking at that picture I reckon that yarn would look great knitting up into a surfie style's cute! I ran two green dyes over Merino rovings in different strengths, popped it in a croc pot and didn't stir at all...then when I spun I drew from both white rovings and the dyed Merino. I found that if I varied the angle of my drafting hand the yarn would flow between whiter or greener. It was good fun....a while ago now, though. If you'd like to order some yarn in a similar it varied green or any other colour (varied pinks look great, too) just leave me an email at and I can spin you a 100gm. hank for $22. (plus the postage cost)

Time now, though to put my feet up a little. All is quiet. Ahhhhhh...nice. A drop of Red, anyone? hehe All the best, and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Ruth...xoxox


That Spinning Place said...

You're very brave, Ruth! I'm such a girl when it comes to snakes - even baby ones!

roseys madhouse said...

"Crikeys" you are amazing I would have gone out another door and rung wildlife and got them to come over. I wouldnt even have known what sort of snake it was lol. Your a champion

Mandie said...

Oh My Lawdy!! Just what you need first thing in the morning is a tiger at your door - ACK!
Way to go Supermum :-)

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

OMG!!! Seriously dear, I would have run back into the house straight to the phone.

No mucking around with buckets, nahhuh, too chicken I am.

You really are a supermum and I miss you heaps, we need a spin in when I have finished this week, whadya say?

Love tye x

Ruth.... said...

Absolutely!!!!!!!!!! Funny you should say that...I have a nice little rovings stash I've been making up for you...

Taphophile said...

Oh dear heaven. I've had a heart attack for you! Way to go with the stick and bucket, though.

Little Miss Kylie said...

Man, that snake looks enormous!!

Go Ruth!!

If you're going to open a bottle of red, be sure to have a glass for me... RCH is an alcohol free zone.

At this very moment I'm working on a plan to circumvent this prohibition. There's a way around everything in this place, I just have to figure it out.

Hollyeqq said...

Supermum to the rescue!!!! You could have used knitting needles!

I have to say, I know exactly the weird inner strength that children and snakes inspire. If you had been alone you would have gone back in the house and called wildlife - but something about the kids creates the SUPERMUM!
Not too long ago I was walking along the Bay shore with a friend and her little 5 year old. We could see dolphins playing in the distance so we were heading over to visit them during a gas break on a boat ride. The little girl was skipping along way ahead of us, running up and down the waters edge. We were chatting and watching her and .... almost stepped on a big snake. I figured immediately, waters edge, sunny day, water moccassin - very aggressive and deadly. The mom immediately calls out to her daughter to come back and I hush her because the daughter is on the opposite side of the snake - and we don't want to scare it (or her) or drive it towards her. So I reach over (slowly) and grab a big washed up stick and push on the snake (yup too much Crocodile Hunter). It slithered into the water and swam away. Then the mom yelled and rushed over to her daughter who never got told as she was so little, no reason to scare her. Needless to say we didn't make it over to where the dolphins were playing. We RAN back to the boat.

In hindsight, I think I am an idiot and that the snake was sunning thus a little slow! Thank God:)
SuperHolly to the rescue!
I am terrified of snakes! Terrified - don't even like to watch them on TV... at the vet, when they brought them in to be treated I would go clean kennels so I wouldn't have to be in the same room.

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