Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A fabulicious big ball of Sheepychic yarn...

He he...what a great big ball of yarn!! This is two bobbins of Sheepychic yarn (so it's two hanks worth) which I rainbow dyed at the rovings stage, spun through in the slubby style while tossing through some silver fibres. You could play soccer with this...its that big!
Hello all and thanks for logging into Sheepychic bloggings. Most of you guys visiting this site regularly probably also pop into Tye's blog at http://merrymunchkindesigns.blogspot.com/ so you would have already read about MMD's fabulous knitting group that meets at the Point Cook Homestead for lunch and fibre arts. It's great 'cos Tye patiently gives very cool knitting tips and how to's and the coffee...the coffee....and lunch..beeuuutteeeeeffulllll ! (and at $10...we were really spoilt!)
Our first project, if you had nothing planned, was Tye's cute Munchkin scarf. I had prepared my yarn earlier, (oh the joy of being a spinner!) grabbed my size 10's and I was off.
Here it is...all finished. I am a very loose knitter so I left out a bit in the middle...but all in all I am delighted with the result.

I banged out a sweet little beanie, too....well, I did say it was a big ball of yarn! hehe.

This yarn is so beautiful, soft and lovely to wear. I am delighted how it sparkles...and judging by this picture of li'l P I'm not the only one!

At the moment my hanks are selling for $20 each (normally $25) for the slower warmer months. Mind you...cute yarn like this is really season proof. I'm working on some new designs at the moment. Keep your eye out for Sheepychic's new handspun bikini/halter tops, sling bags and toddlers vest fronts....postings soon.

All the very best, Ruth. xx

Any enquiries, or if you wish to order some Sheepychic yarn please contact me at sheepychic@hotmail.com.

Also...if you know of any cool gift shops, yarn stores or funky wares store owners that may wish to stock a little Sheepychic leading up to winter please point them in the right direction. Thankyou so much.


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

They look so cool! Thanks so much for the little promo darl, as always, I love your models!
That yarn is even more beautiful in real life, let me tell you!
Cheers Tye x

Ruth.... said...

I know!! 2 plugs in a row!! Put the money on the fridge! hehe...seriously though, Friday was great. See you soon, Ruth xxx

kerry said...

The scarf and beanie looks great! I am so looking forward to Friday..hopefully child friendly cafe? I will have Jack with me. See you there!

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Very child friendly, Joanne runs it! All our kids will be there.
Seeyou then, Tye x

Anonymous said...


You've finished the scarf?

I have had to pull it all out and re-cast at least four times.

And mine, though not finished, looks nothing like yours.

Yours looks like something I would like mine to look like.

I have the fabulous wool (care of Miss MMD herself) but obviously very little talent when it comes to knitting.

See you Friday.

Promise not to laugh at me.

Kye x

roseys madhouse said...

that scarf looks fabulicious your right darl, mind you though I think the model makes it look 10 times better lol.

Ruth.... said...

hehe...It wasn't all smooth sailin' this end, either, Kylie...I was nearly finished when I noticed a whoppin' big stripe of knit where I shoulda pearled. My heart was saying "ya can't really see it..." but my brain was saying.."oh yes you %^*)@@# can". Unknitting is far less enjoyable than knitting. hehe...see you on Friday.

That Spinning Place said...

Be-yoo-tiful yarn, hat, scarf, and model, Ruth!

Hand spun yarns web-ring...