Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's really is.

Hmm...the 50th. Sheepychic posting. Wow! 50 is a lot...isn't it? or is it?....
My children often ask very abstract questions. For example, " 14 a lot?". My answer is always the same. (Dunno why they keep asking. hehe) "'s subjective," I reply.
Kid: "But Mum, what does that mean"?
Mum: "Um..subjective means that it means different things to different people.."
Kid: (Insert a vacant stare here...)
Mum: "Let me put it this way. Would you like 14 pokes in the eye?...."
Kid: "NOOOO"
Mum: "Would you like 14 elephants in the backyard?
Kid: "No...imagine the poos, Mum! you're saying that 14 is a lot??"
Mum: "Maybe...but would you like 14 grains of rice for dinner?"
Kid: "That's only a tiny amount!!"
Mum: " 14 is subjective, isn't it....would you like 14 ricebubbles for breaky?"
Kid: "No, I don't like ricebubbles...I would like 14 weetbix".
Mum: "But that's too much!!"
Kid: "That's subjective, Mum...."
Mum can see this was going nowhere.
So...that is my attempt at a world record for the longest, wordiest and most irrelevant introduction ever. I'm sure to do well! hehe.
Just talking tonight to Tye...and told her about my nifty handspun rope. I spun some of it at our Friday spin-in at the Point Cook homestead, and finished off at home. Can you believe it is 8 strands of hard Z twist which I controlled as it counter-twined back around each other.
I've got my eye on this for my Sheepychic bikini tops. Little D has been wearing it around his waist! I'm tellin' is so strong! You could seriously tow a car with this, but it is still so soft!
I've also knitted up the sparkliest Sheepychic beanie ever! The body of this hat is made from Sheepychic "Sun Orchid" plied over with the silver fibres, and the cuff is made with some Sheepychic "Glacier-side" which is the handspun Merino, plied over with the commercial mohair/polyester yarn and also with some added sparkle. Of course, you can see the roll of silver ribbon that I've used as a little feature. Neato!!
Thats it for Sheepychic Bloggings, thanks for logging in....I'll catch up with you all reallll soon. All the very best, Ruth .xx


kerry said...

Happy 50th lol!
Now you got me wondering how many posts I have done; definitley not even close to the fifties.
Your beanie designs are the silver sparkle feature.

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

That rope is soooooo cool! Love the beanie too!

Anonymous said...

You are definitely the embodiment of talent when it comes to spinning.

Go you!

roseys madhouse said...

wow its hard to beleive its been 50 darl time certainly flys when your having sooo much fun doesnt it. Your creations are amazing I cant wait to see your sheepychic bikini tops they are going to look adorable Im sure.

Melissa said...

Love your yarns! I can't seem to spin thick anymore, keep going in the opposite direction heading for frog hair. Love the little Cherub too! :-)


Andrea said...

Hi Ruthass love that beanie, my favorite so far. looking forward to x-mas love from your favorite sister-in-law Andrea xxxxxx

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