Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This 'n' that...and a one buck hat

I've got a little yarn junkie on my hands. My eldest daughter B has taken Sheepychic yarn to school today for show and tell.....again. The children sit in a circle and pass around some hanks one after the other. Apparently there is quite some debate in the school yarn regarding which one is nicest. Of course, anything pink rates does anything at all plied through with a few beads.
Beautiful B walked through the lounge the other day and spied a roll of extremely cute ribbon (that I found for $1 at a craft store junk bin) in among my yarn stash. She fell all over the place. It was a beanie that HAD to be.
I had some super soft 14 micron Merino which I spun with some shimmering cobalt fibres and gold metallic thread, that was left over from a beanie order.
You can see what I've done there....all white Merino for the cuff, ran them both together for a while, some cubish bits...ribbon stripes and a very ribbony top...'cos I ran outa yarn. This is why knitting free style is so nice....I love just wingin' it!! This hat is so soft it just drapes over your hand. Its texture is what is sooooo nice about this hat. And to was built with left overs and $1 bargain basement ribbon. hehe.
Needless to say...B is delighted.
Some other little projects on the go....check out this. It's still a work in progress. I'm aiming for a real sloppy, hippy, somethin' kinda different style ready for St. Andrews market. I'm calling it a Kerchief Beanie until I think of somethin' better...hehe
I love this up close picture. The yarn itself steals the show a little. It looked nice as a ball, too. The yarn used in the main body is called "Water wheel" and was from the Sheepychic My town - Kyabram range. The Cuff is Rushworth Sky spun in a slubby style.
This last little picture is of a cool little Sheepychic Dreadly can see where long hair or dreadlocks can run out the back. It looks really good. Now I have to pounce on someone with long hair for a picture.
Anyway...thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Any enquiries or Christmas gift yarn pack orders may be left at
All the very best, Ruth xx

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Anonymous said...

Ruth, it's all soooo gorgeous.

I'm practically drooling.

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