Monday, May 01, 2006

Sheepychic winter hats

This is the Pioneer hank...the first ever Slubby-style hank I successfully made and a wee update on how Sheepychic slubby knits up. It was just a teenie weenie hank so I only tackled a baby hat (a sheepychic pattern - 'Brimmed beanie') but I'm so pleased how this yarn knitted up. (oh..and it was soooo nice to knit with!!)

This fabulous little hood bonnet looks so warm and snuggly, doesn't it! I call this design the Sheepychic 'Briah' hat. This one here is hand painted, handspun 100% alpaca. I love the way it goes right down to the shoulder and ties up to protect the ears. (and bug babies who don't like hats!!)

The back is so cute! I can make it really jazzy or plain and simple. You can see from this photo how the alpaca dyes up into soft, muted colours....lovely for baby hats!

Having said that I have had two orders so far for the Briah hat in adult if you ever see anyone walk past with one on be sure to give them a high 5...and say "Oi! neat hat!!" hehe

Anyway...thanks for having a look! Ruth xx


Lisa G said...

Love the hat and the new slubby yarn! You gals are so clever. Just how do you get your plying sooooo neat and even?!?!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

kerry said...

They look brilliant!
So bright and colourful!!
You must be so proud to make this from scratch and knit it to your original design.

Ruth.... said...

Hey Lisa..thanks for popping in. I'm not sure about the plying...I think I just do what everyone does. The only tip I can think of is to pull the singular yarns away from each other quite firmly so that when they wind off around each other they sort of eat into each other. All the best...Ruth

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