Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sheepychic summer top

It's hard to get excited about knitting winter beanies when it's 36 C....I know I should be getting some stock together ready for some Autumn and winter markets, but shheeeeesshhhh!! For a break I started this neat little top for B during Tye's knitting group at Point Cook Homestead yesterday and finished it off this morning.
The yarn used is an oldie but a goodie. Its a sheepychic handspun (of course) and is a variegated blue plied through with white...100% Merino.
Needless to say, B is delighted. hehe...check out the photo. I was asking her "Why are you standing like that"? and she had no idea...does this go to show the power of media images or what !?!?!?
Later on she was scratching through my stash as I'd hinted at a matching skirt wrap. Even my patience was tested when she tried to ball up the hank when I was busy in the kitchen. What a tangle!!.....I guess she was trying to be all grown up....but in the words of a fine four fingered yellow gentleman..."YOU LITTLE $%^&*(@%$^". The poor kid was horrified, no growling was necessary. hehe.
And on the much adored family pet front...a tiny update photo....We are supposed to be able to sex them very soon. Apparently boy mice have no nipples. (The things you learn on line!) Also mother mice are supposed to know when there is something wrong with their young and put them out of the nest. This is a lesson Sharna missed 'cos one of the babies front foot is totally malformed. Of course this one is the children's favourite. It doesn't seem to be unwell any other way.
All the very best, Ruth.


Ruth.... said...

I'm thinking it needs some tweeking...maybe some bigger or closer triangles...hehe

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

I think it looks wonderful! Bridget, you look so beautiful!
Wow dear, they look really good, you might be right about being closer together though, still you remember the first pair of butterfly wings?

Kerry said...

Looks great! B looks very pleased with her new top.

roseys madhouse said...

that looks adorable what a model

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