Friday, January 26, 2007

Summer brings so many Sheepychic Wine Jackets!

I'm in the mood for knittin', and I'm in the mood for wine...I'm in the mood for laughin' .....'cos my bottle looks just fine! (not to mention it stays nice and chilly for a little longer.)
How Sheepychic is this funky bottle cover?!?!?!? Imagine taking this to the picnic races in with your basket of goodies?!?!?
It was pretty fun to make...I've used a Sheepychic handspun Merino plied through with a commercial yarn which caught my eye...really cheery peacock colours and a shimmer of gold. I've used the fab. 4...(double pointed needles) and shaped it with the bottle next to me. I know its an old house bottle of Shiraz but this is a proto-type!!
I got to thinking that it may be nice to see the I put in a label window. Of course I can knit one straight through for those of us a more modest bottle..hehe!
One benefit of knitting straight through is that your Sheepychic Wine Jacket will just about embrace any ol' bottle...the lovely stretchy Merino enabled this jacket to fit nicely onto each of those bottle you see in the picture.
Of course, I haven't forgotten those who enjoy a can or stubbie of beer or softdrink.
Check out this neato little Sheepychic stubbie holder. It's still yet to have its label stitched it's a sneak-peek.
All the best and thanks for logging into Sheepychic Bloggings. Wine Jackets and stubbie holders may be ordered by emailing me at ...or you can hang on and see a few listed in Sheepychic's blog store coming soon.
Best Regards,
Oh..and P.S. Tye, Ky & Finn....Here is Rafferty going beserk in a tub with some handspun. He's got good taste in yarn, that's for sure!


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

What a brilliant idea! They look amazing and sooooo clever!

Sorry did not catch you online before, just got home and saw your message, I was out.

I love this idea! They are very cool! Rafferty does have good taste in wool, she was born here!
Love Tye x

Me said...

totally cool... knitted wine jackets!

another group of folks you might want to market these to are individuals, organizations, or festivals who organize blind wine-tasting.

they would seem so much more appealing than the canvas or cloth sacks they usually hide the bottles in because it would be a simple matter of turning the bottle around inside the wine jacket to reveal the label.

roseys madhouse said...

they look fantastic I will be emailing you to get a price on a few stubbie holders they would be lovely for my drinks maybe not M's beer though lol.

Ruth.... said...

Thanks for the tip, me...I'm getting a few emails about these jackets which is great! I'm making some for water bottles which are coming alond great. My sis wants one with a shoulder strap and a pocket for her keys when she's out walking...hehe

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